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Friday, 14 February 2014 10:18

Euroleague : Olympiakos 78-60 Anadolou Efes

We improved to 4-2 in Top 16 Group E by thrashing Anadolou Efes 78-60 in SEF. We grabbed our third consecutive win, with Spanoulis taking 16 points. Lojeski and Dunston each added 13, while Begic had 10.
Spanoulis led a 10-1 Olympiacos run and soon added an off-balance basket that gave us a 24-10 lead late in the first quarter.
Dunston, who got plenty of help from Spanoulis and Petway to break the game open, made the score 62-43, at the end of the third quarter. We boosted our margin to 70-46 midway through the fourth quarter and never looked back.

Olympiakos 78-60 Anadolou Efes
1st Quarter : Olympiakos 24-12 Anadolou Efes
2nd Quarter : Olympiakos 36-29 Anadolou Efes
3rd Quarter : Olympiakos 62-43 Anadolou Efes
4th Quarter : Olympiakos 78-60 Anadolou Efes

Olympiakos : Petway 9, Dunston 13, Spanoulis 16, Perperoglou 6, Sloukas 5, Collins 2, Simmons 2 Begic 10, Printezis 2, Mantzaris, Katsivelis, Lojeski 13.

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Saturday, 04 January 2014 19:57

Olympiacos 95-82 Fenerbahce Ulker

We beat Fenerbahce last night with a good display and performance. The kings of Europe played terrific basketball and both Spanoulis and Perperoglou made sensational appearances.
We led from the outset of the game and put a strangehold on the score almost straightaway, leading 8 points at the end of the first quarter, 7 at halftime and 6 at the end of the third quarter. We went onto a 13 point lead at the end of the final quarter and as mentioned before, it was a superb performance from our team which won us the match.

1st Quarter : Olympiacos 27-19 Fenerbahce
2nd Quarter : Olympiacos 47-40 Fenerbahce
3rd Quarter : Olympiacos 62-56 Fenerbahce
4th Quarter : Olympiacos 95-82 Fenerbahce

Olympiacos (Bartzokas): Dunston 4, Spanoulis 28, Perperoglou 21, Sloukas 2 Simmons 5, Begic, Printezis 12, Agravanis, Mantzaris 9, Lojeski 14.

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Friday, 20 December 2013 10:25

Zielona Gora 80-91 Olympiacos

We made it 10/10 in our latest Euroleague Basketball match beating Zielona Gora away by an 80-91 scoreline. This also makes it 23/23 so far this season with the green rabbits our next targets!

1st Quarter : 18-22
2nd Quarter : 34-43
3rd Quarter : 62-72
4th Quarter : 80-91

Olympiacos (Bartzokas): Petway 2, Dunston 12, Spanoulis 17, Perperoglou 23, Papapetrou 3, Sloukas 2, Simmons 8, Agravanis, Mantzaris 2, Katsivelis 4, Lojeski 18.

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Friday, 12 October 2012 00:40

Olympiakos 85-81 Caja Laboral

We won our opening game in the Euroleague group stage with a victory over Spanish team Caja Laboral. We won the game after falling behind in the third quarter by 85 points to 81. Our top scorer was Printezis with 17 points ably assisted with Spanoulis with 16.

The game was a real to-and-fro match with ourselves being behind at the end of the first quarter, taking the lead at halftime, falling behind at the end of the third quarter before finally surging ahead in the final quarter.

Mantzouris and Spanoulis were our best players in the opening of the game with Sloukas and Printezis being good in the second quarter. Dorsey and Hines dominated the third quarter whilst the final period was marked by good performances by Perperoglou and Spanoulis.

The final scores were :-

Olympiakos 85-81 Caja Laboral
1st Quarter : Olympiakos 18-23 Caja Laboral
2nd Quarter : Olympiakos 48-37 Caja Laboral
3rd Quarter : Olympiakos 65-66 Caja Laboral
4th Quarter : Olympiakos 85-81 Caja Laboral

Olympiakos : Hines 6, Low 4, Antic 9, Spanoulis 16, Perperoglou 14, Dorsey 7, Sloukas 6, Mavroeidis 1, Printezis 17, Papanikolaou 5, Mantzaris

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Saturday, 08 September 2012 20:14

Olympiakos Programme - September/October


Olympiakos Programme - September/October

Wednesday 12th September
Sassari - Olympiakos
Basketball Friendly Match

Friday 14th September to Saturday 15th September
Basketball Tournament

Saturday 15th September (7.30pm)
PAS Giannena - Olympiakos
League Match

Tuesday 18th September (9.45pm)
Olympiakos - Schalke
Champions League

Friday 21st September to Sunday 23rd September
Basketball Tournament
Nuremberg, Germany

Sunday 23rd September
Olympiakos - Panthrakikos
League Match

Saturday 29th September
Olympiakos - Lokomotiv Moscow
Alexander Gomelski Tournament (Basketball)

Sunday 30th September
Olympiakos - CSKA Moscow OR Olympiakos - Zalgiris
Alexander Gomelski Tournament (Basketball)

Wednesday 3rd October (9.45pm)
Arsenal - Olympiakos
Champions League

Sunday 7th October
Olympiakos - AEK
Super Cup (Womens Volleyball)

Thursday 11th October (9.00pm)
Olympiakos - Caja Laboral
Euroleague Basketball

Friday 19th October (8.00pm)
Efes Pilsen - Olympiakos
Euroleague Basketball

Wednesday 24th October (9.45pm)
Montpellier - Olympiakos
Champions League


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Monday, 14 May 2012 10:27

Pictures From The EuroLeague Victory

More pictures from our historic Euroleague win. Last night was a great night for all supporters of the club and will never be forgotten.

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The first quarter saw us make a number of mistakes although we did get the first score of the game and held the score at 2-5 for about five minutes. (We had a superb shot to get 3 points). A number of fouls and penalties allowed CSKA to overtake us though and the quarter finished at 10-7 in favour of the Russians.

We started off badly in the second quarter and slipped to a seven point defecit before making a slight fightback with the score at 16-11. We then drop twelve points behind at 25-13 and need to call a time out before we end up getting further behind. After the comeback we have four penalties but only score one from the shot. At the end of the quarter and the halftime, we slipped to 14 points behind the Russians and the halftime score was 34-20.

The third quarter started off with a similar story but after slipping sixteen points behind we had a rally and came to 41-30. Two three point shots for the Russians and only a single penalty in reply saw us return to a 16 point defecit again though. A hoop and a penalty later and we were 47-34 down but had decreased the russian lead. After a quick time out, we unfortunately collapsed and let in 6 points without reply to go 53-34 points down. The third quarter ended at 53-40 and we had everything to do in the final quarter.

A good start for us in the final quarter and we went within 8 points of the Russians (53-45) before pulling even closer and getting only 5 points behind CSKA. We then had points on both sides with the russians getting the better of the play (just). Two converted penalties took us back to within 5 points again and another hoop shot to within 3 points. Krstic shot 2 penalties for CSKA (-5 again) and then shot another basket (-7) before a three pointer for us got us back into the mix (59-55). One penalty apiece increased the scores for both sides before a steal allowed us to get within 2 points.

With the game now in the final minute of the last quarter, we were within 2 points of tying the score (60-58) but a single penalty for the russians increased the difference to 3 points. Only ten seconds remained on the clock when we scored from two penalties (61-60) and the tension increased after they missed two penalties and we grabbed the winner in the last shot of the game. We WIN!!!!!!! We've won the euroleague!!!!!!! Holy shit...!!

CSKA Moscow 61-62 Olympiakos
1st Quarter : CSKA Moscow 10-7 Olympiakos
2nd Quarter : CSKA Moscow 34-20 Olympiakos
3rd Quarter : CSKA Moscow 53-40 Olympiakos
4th Quarter : CSKA Moscow 61-62 Olympiakos

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Friday, 11 May 2012 23:26

Olympiakos 68-64 Barcelona

We scored a very big victory against Barcelona in the semi-final of the Euroleague final-4, and we progressed to the final with a 68-64 scoreline.
We started off with a five consisting of Mantzaris, Spanoulis, Keselj, Antic and Dorsey and begun the game with a good performance getting 8-0 within minutes. Barcelona fought back getting 10-6 before we got further ahead and finished the opening quarter 17-11.
The second quarter was just as good for us before the Spaniards clawed their way back to a single point defecit. Spanoulis and Dorsey helped stabilise the scoreline and we ended the half 33-29 ahead.

We restarted the game in the second half and got in front again with some good performances from Spanoulis and Printezis helped keep us in front for the third quarter of the game.
The Catalons gave it their best in the final quarter and really put on the pressure but it was again Spanoulis along with Dorsey who held the side together and ensured an important victory.

Olympiakos 68-64 Barcelona
1st Quarter : Olympiakos 17-11 Barcelona
2nd Quarter : Olympiakos 33-29 Barcelona
3rd Quarter : Olympiakos 50-47 Barcelona
4th Quarter : Olympiakos 68-64 Barcelona

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Saturday, 31 March 2012 00:21

Olympiakos 76-69 Siena

We made a great victory tonight in Basketball to advance to the final-4 competition in Istanbul by beating Siena 76-69. This win took the series to three games to two. Siena did try to their credit and chased us hard during the game but we managed to take control in the last period to finally get the win over the Italians.

Hines and Spanoulis worked well together in the first period to put ourselves in the front whilst it was a Hines-Keselj partnership which did the damage in the second period. Seina got themselves back into the game during the third period after capitalising on some of our mistakes but we then took control in the final period and surged to a good win.

The sets and the scores are as follows :-

Olympiakos 76-69 Siena
1st Period : Olympiakos 21-21 Siena
2nd Period : Olympiakos 38-29 Siena
3rd Period : Olympiakos 54-55 Siena
4th Period : Olympiakos 76-69 Siena

Olympiakos (Ivkovic): Hines 19, Antic 5, Spanoulis 19, Vasilopoulos, Keselj 3, Gecevicius, Papadopoulos, Printezis 8, Papanikolaou 4, Mantzaris 3, Sloukas 7, Low 8.
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Wednesday, 28 March 2012 23:05

Olympiakos 75-55 Siena

Our team set up a cast iron defence (especially in the third period) and won the third game against Siena to go 2-1 up in the series. If we win on Friday then we will qualify for the final-4 competition held in Istanbul.

We led the game from the end of the first period and finally ended the game with a twenty point lead, despite falling behind in the first minutes. Hines, Keselj and Printezis worked together well in the first half of the game and stabilised the match before swinging it in our favour. The final scores were :-

Olympiakos 75-55 Siena
1st Period : Olympiakos 14-12 Siena
2nd Period : Olympiakos 32-21 Siena
3rd Period : Olympiakos 48-30 Siena
4th Period : Olympiakos 75-55 Siena

Olympiakos (Ivkovic) : Hines 15, Antic 6, Spanoulis 2, Dorsey, Keselj 2, Gecevicius 5, Glyniadakis 2, Printezis 4, Papanikolaou 9, Mantzaris 9, Sloukas 11, Law 10.
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