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Monday, 17 February 2014 11:48

Voulgaroi beaten again

We won again last night, this time in Basketball away at the Voulgaroi. Even sweeter was the manner in which we won, stealing the match in the final minute to win 72-74.
We have Thursday's game with Poutanas Gios at OAKA on the 7th day of the Euroleague. This will be where we get to shut a lot of criticism up and smash the greens!

1st Quarter : Voulgaroi 23-14 Olympiakos
2nd Quarter : Voulgaroi 37-40 Olympiakos
3rd Quarter : Voulgaroi 51-52 Olympiakos
4th Quarter : Voulgaroi 72-74 Olympiakos
Olympiakos: Moon 11, Dunston 8, Spanoulis 6, Perperoglou 3, Sloukas 12, Collins 12, Simons, Lojeski 9, Printezis 8, Mantzaris 3, Kavvadas.

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Sunday, 25 November 2012 21:30

Voulgaroi 1-1 Olympiacos

We travelled North to the bourdello of Toumba for todays game against the Bulgarians of PAOK. As it promised, it was a lively match with us working hard to control possession and also chase the ball when we had to. Eventually our hard work and persistance broke down the Voulgaroi defence and it was Djebbour with a cannon of a shot who opened the scoring. Djebbour's goal marked his 9th in 8 matches and possibly the best of those 9 scored so far. An absolutely superb shot to put the filth chasing the game and shut up the catamites in the stadium.

We should have increased our lead during the second half but profligacy from Machado wasted a couple of chances whilst Fuster had a good shot on goal but found his effort and a little more power would have probably doubled the scoreline. Fuster had another superb chance to score later in the match but managed, inexplicably, to fire his shot wide of goal. The Voulgaroi managed to steal a draw right at the end of the game following three fairly insipid substitutions which failed to address any shortcomings in the teams play and removed any sort of attacking flair.

Rubbish performances from Machado and Fuster which unfortunately were never addressed, poor also from Modesto and Torosidis - However a good performance from Djebbour who scored the goal.

Voulgaroi 1-1 Olympiakos
27' Djebbour
88' Athanasiadis

Olympiakos : Carroll, Torosidis, Manolas, Siovas, Holebas, Maniatis, Modesto (77' Fejsa), Machado, Fuster, Abdoun (87' Greco), Djebbour (71' Mitroglou).

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Monday, 16 July 2012 15:56

2012-2013 League Fixtures

The fixtures for the upcoming season were pulled earlier today. We have a tough start to the season with all of the derbies in the first half being played away from home. We have the two main derbies within 2 matches of each other on days 12, 14, 27 and 20 respectively.
Heres the full list :-

1st Matchday : Veroia - Olympiakos

2nd Matchday : Olympiakos - Levadiakos

3rd Matchday : PAS Giannina - Olympiakos

4th Matchday : Olympiakos - Panthrakikos

5th Matchday : Atromitos - Olympiakos

6th Matchday : Olympiakos - Asteras Tripolis

7th Matchday : Olympiakos - Skoda Xanthi

8th Matchday : Aris - Olympiakos

9th Matchday : Olympiakos - OFI

10th Matchday : AEK - Olympiakos

11th Matchday : Olympiakos - Kerkyra

12th Matchday : Voulgaroi - Olympiakos

13th Matchday : Olympiakos - Platanias

14th Matchday : Poutanas Gios - Olympiakos

15th Matchday : Panionios - Olympiakos

16th Matchday : Olympiakos - Veroia

17th Matchday : Levadiakos - Olympiakos

18th Matchday : Olympiakos - PAS Giannina

19th Matchday : Panthrakikos - Olympiakos

20th Matchday : Olympiakos - Atromitos

21st Matchday : Asteras Tripolis - Olympiakos

22nd Matchday : Skoda Xanthi - Olympiakos

23rd Matchday : Olympiakos - Aris

24th Matchday : OFI - Olympiakos

25th Matchday : Olympiakos - AEK

26th Matchday : Kerkyra - Olympiakos

27th Matchday : Olympiakos - Voulgaroi

28th Matchday : Platanias - Olympiakos

29th Matchday : Olympiakos - Poutanas Gios

30th Matchday : Olympiakos - Panionios

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We didn't play especially well at Basketball today (against Voulgaroi) but well enough to win the match and advance to the semi-finals. We started off the game well enough but then allowed the opposition to pull level and then move in front of us. We recovered to tie the first quarter of the game and then set ourselves up to go a bit further in the game. The second quarter saw us fall behind initially before we improved and overtook for the second time, this time keeping the lead until the end of the game.

The third quarter saw us move further in the lead before we had a slight slip in points in the final quarter. However we had enough of a lead to finish the game off and advance to the next stage where our opponent will be Panionios.

Voulgaroi 61-68 Olympiakos
1st Quarter : Voulgaroi 20-20 Olympiakos
2nd Quarter : Voulgaroi 31-37 Olympiakos
3rd Quarter : Voulgaroi 46-55 Olympiakos
4th Quarter : Voulgaroi 61-68 Olympiakos

Olympiakos : Hines 4, Low 9, Antic 12, Spanoulis 15, Dorsey 11, Pelikanos 4, Printezis 2, Papanikolaou 2, Mantzaris 6, Sloukas 3

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Thursday, 19 April 2012 21:38

Olympiakos 81-53 Voulgaroi

We grabbed an easy win today after beating the Voulgaroi 81 points to 53 in the first play off match of the A1 Basket season. If we win again on visiting Salonika, we will advance to the semi-final play-offs where we will face either Panionios or Rethymnon. Antic was the top scorer in the game with 18 points whilst the next best scores can from Spanoulis with 12 points and then Printezis with 10.

The first quarter started off well enough for us with us building up a lead of 14 points without any reply at all from the opposition. We continued with a top performance and took at 28 point lead at the end of the first quarter.
Our good play continued in the second quarter with Antic leading the attack. The Voulgaroi fought back in this quarter after we had gone 33 points ahead and reduced our lead to 26 points by the end of the first half. As the team left the arena, they were applauded for their efforts.

The third quarter had an even bigger performance from our team and we went on the offensive once again. At one stage we went forty points in front but finally finished with a 35 point lead instead. We had changed some of the roster around to give time to the other players on the team.

The last ten minutes were a bit of a mess for us. We made several errors and our attacks broke down too often. This allowed our opposition to get back into the match and reduce their defecit although we easily won the game.

Olympiakos 81-53 Voulgaroi
1st Quarter : Olympiakos 34-6 Voulgaroi
2nd Quarter : Olympiakos 57-21 Voulgaroi
3rd Quarter : Olympiakos 72-37 Voulgaroi
4th Quarter : Olympiakos 81-53 Voulgaroi

Olympiakos : Sloukas 5, Spanoulis 12, Antic 18, Hines 4, Dorsey 6, Printezis 10, Mantzaris 4, Keselj 4, Low 4, Papanikolaou 7, Gecevicius 3, Vasilopoulos 4

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Sunday, 05 February 2012 22:26

Voulgaroi 0-2 Olympiakos

Tonights match was a tough old match for us - away to the Voulgaroi in the Toumba bourdello. We had the usual problems with injuries leading into the match but could look forward to putting out a reasonably decent lineup on the field. The vazeloi lost their game last night so a victory would have seen us close to just 2 points behind them. We therefore needed a good performance, and more importantly a win, to maintain the pressure on Poutanas Gioi.

Abdoun opens the score
The game wasn't even a minute old before we took our first chance on the opposition goal with a shot from Mirallas flashing across the face of the goalmouth and another shot from Maniatis taken from distance. Ibagasa also had a cracking shot on goal rebound from the crossbar before the ball was finally bundled across the goal in the 5th minute by Abdoun. Following on from Ibagasa's amazing shot, we forced the ball into the box via Djebbour only for the ball to bobble free, Abdoun was available to knock it over the line and open the scoring. Abdoun showing the hostile crowd the club badge as he wheeled away.

Mirallas doubles the lead
The game settled down after the first frantic five minutes and we were then content to allow the opposition some possession although we ensured that  they never had any real chances on goal. We then counter-attacked on the break and this led directly to our second goal when Mirallas dribbled directly through four Voulgaroi defenders to plant the ball in the far side of the net and double the lead. After the game restarted we went back to the counter attack and pressure style of play, breaking up the attacks and then stealing the ball and dragging the opposition back up the pitch.

Keeping possession
As the half continued, the opposition were finally getting closer to our goal and had two chances to grab a goal back in the 30th minute although our defence held firm for the moment. At the other end though we also came close to scoring with a point blank shot from Djebbour although their keeper intercepted the ball before he could correctly connect with the ball. Apart from these chances, the remainder of the half was very muted. The Voulgaroi were very cagey in going forward and that suited us fine at that time. The only exception to this was right at the end of the half when the opposition won a free kick in a good position and there was a brief goalmouth scramble before we cleared the ball.
The half finished with the sound of the home supporters jeering their team off the field.

Second Half
With the opening of the second half, we initially saw the opposition try and get forward with the ball whilst we went back onto the 'pressure and counter' style of play that we saw at the end of the first half. We were very successful in closing down the attacks even though Ivic was clearly providing come creativity for their team. Nevertheless, we continued to play well and even when they did eventually get forward and have a shot on goal, Megyeri made one of the best stops of the game at close range.

Change to Formation
We made a change to the formation to help close down their players more often, Ibagasa making way for Torosidis. This small change changed our teams dynamics making us more defensive but also helping us by also not letting the opposition get anywhere close to our goalmouth. From this moment onwards, the Voulgaroi hardly got into our area and were left impotent on the field. Opposition dickhead Lazar let his frustration get the better of him and received a straight red for a foul and then dissent against the referee. Bizarrely the homosexual supporters applauded his sending off and the problems that would cause for his team.

Kazim-Richards makes debut
Anyway now in the last fifteen minutes of the match we got our first chance to see Kazim-Richards up close. First impressions of the player are that he is ok, obviously unused to our style of play but at least willing to take players on with his dribbling. He came close to grabbing a goal on his debut but found the timing a little out and couldn't get a strike away before the keeper intercepted. We never made any other chances and the Voulgaroi were truly ineffectual throughout so the match ended 0-2 away to us.

The win here kept the pressure on Poutanas Gioi (who truly screwed up against Levadiakos despite the referees best wishes) and takes us to within 2 points of the top of the league. The early goal killed off the opposition and ensured our win today. We can now look forward to our game against the Turkoi on Friday evening although I won't be available to give a report on that particular match.

Voulgaroi 0-2 Olympiakos
5' Abdoun
18' Mirallas

Olympiakos : Megyeri, Modesto, Mellberg, Papadopoulos, Marcano, Maniatis, Orbaiz, Abdoun, Ibagasa (61' Torosidis), Mirallas (77' Kazim-Richards), Djebbour
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Saturday, 04 February 2012 17:14

Team Announced For Voulgaroi

The team for the game against Voulgaroi has been announced in advance of tomorrows game.  The players making the trip to Salonika are :-

Megyeri, Carroll.

Modesto, Maniatis, Papadopoulos, Mellberg, Marcano, Holebas, Torosidis.

Fuster, Orbaiz, Makoun, Ibagasa, Abdoun, Kazim-Richard.

Pantelic, Mirallas, Djebbour.
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