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Friday, 14 February 2014 11:38

Womens Volley : Vrilisia 0-3 Olympiakos

Our ladies won 3-0 away in Vrilisia and now advance to the last 8 teams of the competition. We were very disciplined, played as a team and had a very good defence. These three important items were the backbone of the win yesterday. We now get to beat Poutanas Gios on Monday evening in Rentis.

Vrilisia 0-3 Olympiakos
1st Set : Vrilisia 15-25 Olympiakos
2nd Set : Vrilisia 14-25 Olympiakos
3rd Set : Vrilisia 19-25 Olympiakos

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Monday, 14 January 2013 23:03

Olympiakos 3-0 Markopoulo




We won in Womens Volleyball tonight, beating Markopoulo at Rentis by a 3-0 Scoreline. The win keeps us within three points of AEK and Markopoulos are now fighting for their lives in the A1 Volleyball league.

In the first set, we took the lead straight away making the score 8-3 by the time of the first time out. After the restart, we never relaxed and ended up thrashing the opposition in a 25-12 score with 6 aces scored.
The second set was a bit more of a problem, we made a lot of mistakes initially and even conceded the lead for a short while. However we managed to recover and tie the set at 12-12 before regaining the lead and increasing the scoreline by the time of the second time out. The set was finally won by a 25-18 scoreline.
In the final set, we again had a poor start and trailled Markopoulo by 1-2 points until we finally taking over at 8-7. Following on from this recovery we went onto score 8 points in a row and went into the time out at 16-10 ahead. The momentum continued after the restart and the set finished 25-14 and therefore the game was won 3-0

The scores :-

1st Set : Olympiakos 25-12 Markopoulo
2nd Set : Olympiakos 25-18 Markopoulo
3rd Set : Olympiakos 25-14 Markopoulo




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Saturday, 15 September 2012 19:35

Womens Volleyball : Olympiakos 4-0 Markopoulo

Our ladies won their first friendly game of the new season, pumping Markopoulo by 4 sets to nil. The sets were won by the scorelines of 27-25, 25-15, 25-5 and 25-19.

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Saturday, 08 September 2012 20:14

Olympiakos Programme - September/October


Olympiakos Programme - September/October

Wednesday 12th September
Sassari - Olympiakos
Basketball Friendly Match

Friday 14th September to Saturday 15th September
Basketball Tournament

Saturday 15th September (7.30pm)
PAS Giannena - Olympiakos
League Match

Tuesday 18th September (9.45pm)
Olympiakos - Schalke
Champions League

Friday 21st September to Sunday 23rd September
Basketball Tournament
Nuremberg, Germany

Sunday 23rd September
Olympiakos - Panthrakikos
League Match

Saturday 29th September
Olympiakos - Lokomotiv Moscow
Alexander Gomelski Tournament (Basketball)

Sunday 30th September
Olympiakos - CSKA Moscow OR Olympiakos - Zalgiris
Alexander Gomelski Tournament (Basketball)

Wednesday 3rd October (9.45pm)
Arsenal - Olympiakos
Champions League

Sunday 7th October
Olympiakos - AEK
Super Cup (Womens Volleyball)

Thursday 11th October (9.00pm)
Olympiakos - Caja Laboral
Euroleague Basketball

Friday 19th October (8.00pm)
Efes Pilsen - Olympiakos
Euroleague Basketball

Wednesday 24th October (9.45pm)
Montpellier - Olympiakos
Champions League


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More tears for the Vazeloi last night after we beat their womens volleyball team in the cup final by 3 sets to 2. Our ladies won the cup and will be paraded in the Karaiskaki stadium today when our fans will also be present for the match against Kerkyra.

The scores from the Cup final were :-

1st Set : Olympiakos 22-25 Poutanas Gios
2nd Set : Olympiakos 25-18 Poutanas Gios
3rd Set : Olympiakos 27-29 Poutanas Gios
4th Set : Olympiakos 25-19 Poutanas Gios
5th Set : Olympiakos 15-11 Poutanas Gios
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Our ladies beat Markopoulo with a 3-0 scoreline tonight in the 9th matchday of the league. We didn't have any real problems in the match after overcoming Markopoulo in the first set and the game got progressively easier for us. The scores from the sets were :-

1st Set : Olympiakos 25-20 Markopoulo
2nd Set : Olympiakos 25-16 Markopoulo
3rd Set : Olympiakos 25-13 Markopoulo

Olympiakos : Christodoulos, Nosekova, Kosmas, Tenevas, Giakoumis, Kabbatha, Dilaberi, Nikolakopoulou, Billias.
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Friday, 23 March 2012 18:52

Olympiakos 3-0 AEK (Womens Volleyball)

Our ladies easily beat AEK in todays Volleyball cup semi-final and will now take part in the final held on April 7th. They won the game by 3 sets to nil and never looked like faltering in the game. The scores at the end were :-

1st Set : Olympiakos 25-21 AEK
2nd Set : Olympiakos 25-17 AEK
3rd Set : Olympiakos 25-22 AEK

Olympiakos : Christodoulou, Nosekova, Kosmas, Tenevas, Giakoumi, Kavvatha and Dilaveri
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Saturday, 04 December 2010 22:37

Womens Volleyball : Olympiakos 3-1 Iraklis

Olympiakos beat Iraklis by 3 sets to 1 and if we ignore the second set, the team played very well in total. Our captain, Elena Koleva has been fighting a fever for most of the week but put together a superior performance scoring 21 points in total today. Apart from this we played well with the service (scoring 11 aces) but also put together a good defensive performance. The victory is not just important for the points but also as a last morale booster before Thursday's game against Galatasaray.

Olympiakos 3-1 Iraklis
1st Set : Olympiakos 25-14 Iraklis
2nd Set : Olympiakos 21-25 Iraklis
3rd Set : Olympiakos 25-9 Iraklis
4th Set : Olympiakos 25-14 Iraklis

Olympiakos : Kyriakidos 11, Kabatha 9, Tsecnevic 16, Ognienovic 7, Hadava 12, Koleva 21, Magginas 1
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