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Κυριακή, 03 Απριλίου 2011 22:57

Olympiakos 93-63 Kolossos Rodos

Kolossos paid the price for our elimination from the Euroleague by being in the way as we thrashed them 93-63. We easily beat the team from Rodos and now continue in our efforts to secure the league title.

Olympiakos began the game with a certain intensity to their play although we showed some holes in our defence. We started off with Bourousis and Mavrokefalidis taking the score to 9-6 whilst also Milos Teodosic showed that he also had an appetite for the win. The later scoreline of 17-10 did not show the comfortable state of the team but to be fair Kolossos were causing us some problems although we did eventually eliminate these during the game.

Katsivelis played for a reasonable length of time in todays game and showed himself particularly energetic but Matt Nielsen stole the show. The Australian managed to score 15 points individually by half time managed to make solo runs in attack and was particularly accurate in both scoring and passing. Through displays like these Olympiakos soon took the score from 24-14 to 34-22. We tried to improve the defence of the team but we only had limited success in doing this and Kolossos still managed to keep scoring albeit nowhere near as much as we were doing. Mavrokefalidis and Halperin also showed themselves particularly adept at passing and moving the ball around and the halftime score of 42-25 showed our superiority.

Our play did not falter during the second half and the players quickly dismantled the Rodos team during the third quarter. Bourousis in particular showed some good play in the centre of the court and he worked his way into scoring 20 points individually. A display which saw him applauded by the few fans and coaching staff in the arena. The score of 54-35 was quickly turned into 69-43 before finally moving to 75-46 at the end of the quarter.

The final period was merely a formality for us. Mavrokefalidis and Nielsen both continued with the scoring and we ended up winning the game by 30 clear points.

Olympiakos 93-63 Kolossos Rodos
1st Period : Olympiakos 21-14 Kolossos Rodos
2nd Period : Olympiakos 42-25 Kolossos Rodos
3rd Period : Olympiakos 75-46 Kolossos Rodos
4th Period : Olympiakos 93-63 Kolossos Rodos

Olympiakos (Dusan Ivkovic): Papaloukas 1, Loukas, Bourousis 20, Pelikanos 2, Mavrokefalidis 15, Halperin 8, Glyniadakis, Nielsen 17, Papanikolaou 6, Erceg 12, Teodosic 11, Katsivelis 1.
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Παρασκευή, 01 Απριλίου 2011 01:18

Siena 88-76 Olympiakos

We made a poor display tonight and only really seemed to show up in Toscana for five minutes of play. In the final event, we lost 88-76 to Siena and having now lost the series 3-1 we have been eliminated from the Euroleague.

The game started off well enough for us with Halperin scoring five points and taking us in front 3-5 but Siena soon went ahead 17-12. Our players, including Bourousis were not productive enough even if they were making some good movement at times. Our shooting was tragic at times as well and we were unable to make much headway aggressively. We tried to change the gameplay through the introduction of Papaloukas and Teodosic but Siena then managed to go onto a 9 point break and finish the first period 10 points in front (26-16).

The start of the second half was just as poor for us although Duda changed the team around again, bringing in Halperin again and Nesterovic. This change allowed us to recover somewhat but this was only a temporary respite for us and we soon collapsed again going down to a 15 point defecit (42-27). Halperin and Gordon made some efforts in the game but this was not enough and at halftime we had let in 50 points in just 20 minutes!. This statistic above everything else summed this game up for us, our defence was tragic and our attack no better.

With the second half, we statred to make a fightback. Our defence was better and we managed to bring a 17 point difference down to only 10 points mainly due to Gordon but also some decent play from Spanoulis. We managed to recover further, despite the poor decisions from the referee and with the shots from Teodosic, we managed to bring the score to within a distance which we could work on for the last period.

However, with the last period came a collapse of almost gargantuan proportions. Despite Gordon's play and even a basket from the player, Siena went 10 points in front at 73-63. This got worse for us as the points went from +10 to +12. With every point we scored from this time onwards, Siena also scored the same and so the +12 difference remained until the end.
The loss means that we have now lost the series and are therefore eliminated from the Euroleague.

Siena 88-76 Olympiakos
1st Period : Siena 29-18 Olympiakos
2nd Period : Siena 50-36 Olympiakos
3rd Period : Siena 68-61 Olympiakos
4th Period : Siena 88-76 Olympiakos
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Τρίτη, 29 Μαρτίου 2011 23:50

Siena 81-72 Olympiakos

Olympiakos lost tonight with a 81-72 scoreline from Siena and will need to win in Thursdays match or they will be knocked out of the Euroleague competition.

Milos Teodosic started in the basic 5 of Olympiakos and showed himself ready to play. Papanikolaou and Bourousis played an exceptional defence early on in the game and so we broke we started 6-10 ahead after five minutes on the clock. However Siena's David Moss scored an important basket to bring the Italians 9-10 in the game. Siena then made a five point break with this basket and went in front for the first time in the game. A further substitution for Siena caused us some problems and allowed Siena to score 10 points to our 4, finally finishing the first period with a 21-14 scoreline.

Vasilis Spanoulis brought us back into the game during the second quarter and so we brang the scoreline to a more respectable 23-20 after three minutes. Despite some good choices being made, we could not manage to mind any rhythm in our attack and allowed the Italians to continue scoring against us. To combat our problems in the attack, Nesterovic and Halperin were introduced and these two players helped us equalise the score at 31-31 two minutes before half time. We then went in front by two points but then allowed Siena to make a four point break and finish the half 39-37 in front.

The start of the third period was not good for our team. Seina pushed in front 51-44 and this was not just due to our poor defence but also our lack of substance in the attack. Olympiakos made some good plays through Matt Nielsen but this was not enough whilst Papaloukas and Spanoulis just simply could not get going. At the same time, Siena continued to take advantage of our problems to go 10 points in front (60-50) at the end of the third quarter.

The final period was us decrease the score to 62-56 in the first two minutes and we went to score more. However a shot of Spanoulis bounced off the metal hoop and allowed Siena to break, score and even win a foul shot which brought the score back to +9 (65-56). Siena continued shooting and so they went ahead by double digit figures. Our players now seemed to give up and so the difference went as bad as +16 for the Italians (73-57), six minutes before the end of the match). We went for a fightback through Nesterovic, decreasing the score to 75-65 but it was not enough and so the Italians go 2-1 ahead in the series.

Siena 81-72 Olympiakos
1st Period : Siena 21-14 Olympiakos
2nd Period : Siena 39-37 Olympiakos
3rd Period : Siena 60-50 Olympiakos
4th Period : Siena 81-72 Olympiakos

Olympiakos (Ivkovic): Papaloukas 8, Nesterovic 16, Spanoulis 15, Bourousis, Keselj, Mavrokefalidis 6, Nielsen 5, Papanikolaou 6, Erceg, Teodosic 2, Halperin 5, Gordon 9.
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Παρασκευή, 25 Μαρτίου 2011 00:43

Olympiakos 65-82 Siena

Olympiakos lost the second match in SEF with a 65-82 scoreline and now want at least a victory when we visit Italy for the next match.

It was impossible for us to replicate the opening that we made to the series on Tuesday night but we didn't even come close to making a decent display. We made too many defensive errors, did not make the correct choices in the attack although we did start off the game tying the game at 6-6.
We then went in front 12-10 with a good basket shot from Vasilis Spanoulis but the Italians soon took over with a ten point break and reached 12-20 at the end of the first period.

Siena's break continued in the second period with the points difference reaching +12 (12-24) before we answered back through Zoran Erceg (15-24). Unfortunately our poor play continued and the Italians went back to a 12 point lead (15-27) some six minutes before the end of the half. The score got even worse for us at one point (23-28) before we rallied through Erceg and decreased the lead to only 8 points at the end of the half (31-39).

At the start of the third period, we did make a recovery of sorts, reducing the points difference to +4 to the italians but unfortunately Siena then made a 5 point break to take the score back to +9 (35-44). We again came back at Siena (40-44) before they reacted and with a new break went 40-48 ahead.
Ivkovic asked the players to pass a little closer to the basket and the team executed his commands to the letter with Mavrokefalidis and Bourousis bringing the score back to +5 (47-52). Unfortunately Siena took over yet again and once more increased the difference, this time to +10 (51-61) at the end of the third quarter.

The last period didn't bring any better relief to us and we continued to make mistakes in the attack whilst the Italians were annoyinging accurate with their shots, maintaining a double digit lead (54-68). We tried one last set of attacks but failed to make any headway and so we ended up losing the overall game at 65-82.

Olympiakos 65-82 Siena
1st Period : Olympiakos 12-20 Siena
2nd Period : Olympiakos 31-39 Siena
3rd Period : Olympiakos 51-61 Siena
4th Period : Olympiakos 65-82 Siena

Olympiakos (Ivkovic): Papaloukas 5, Nesterovic 10, Spanoulis 12, Bourousis 7, Mavrokefalidis 16, Papanikolaou 5, Erceg 9, Halperin, Gordon 1.
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Πέμπτη, 24 Μαρτίου 2011 21:54

Friendly : Olympiakos 1-1 Red Star Belgrade

Over 20,000 supporters were present in the Karaiskaki stadium tonight for our friendly match against Red Star Belgrade. The benefits from the match were intended for the Amateur department and prior to the match, the Volleyball trophy was paraded by the team.

As regards to the game itself, Ernesto Valverde started a team without any classic forward with David Fuster taking the role of the lone striker. This did not stop us from the lead in the 8th minute with Olof Mellberg making a carbon copy goal of the weekends header against AEK.
The game had a number of chances at both ends and Red Star had a good chance in the 23rd minute through a great shot from Bilotic (assisted by Tosic) and only three minutes later missed a golden chance to tie the game through Kalounterovic.
For ourselves, Fuster missed the goal in the 28th minute, Holebas had a shot turned away from the line in the 31st minute whilst Ibagaza had an attempt on goal taken out by the tackling of Baikovic.

Our output dropped during the second half due to a number of changes made at halftime and Red Star took advantage, equalising the match in the 50th minute (Tosic). We had further chances to win the game with Riera in the 54th minute and Zairi in the 59th minute but this marked the end of any real chances to win the game. There were not further chances for either team and both teams also substituted in some of the players who had not had much time during the season. The game eventually finished at 1-1 and we could be happy with the scoreline as the real winner of the game was the amateur department.

Olympiakos :- Pardo, Maniatis, Mellberg (57' Modesto), Ibagaza (57' Diamantakos), Dudu (78' Kotsaridis), Zairi (78' Leandro), Fuster (73' Rougalas), Holebas (72' Lykogiannis), Hurtado, G.Papadopoulos, Riera (57' Vanderson)

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Τρίτη, 22 Μαρτίου 2011 23:39

Olympiakos 89-41 Siena

We had a real party tonight with Siena in the SEF stadium, thrashing Siena 89-41 in the first of three matches and even more remarkable - Siena had a single figure score for over half the game.
Thrylos humiliated Siena in front of ten thousand of our fans in the play offs for the final four and will go from here to the second match on Thursday night.

We started the game with a real passion and force which couldn't be stopped. Siena were dumbfounded for the first set entirely as we ran rings about them. Their defences were quickly overrun by Olympiakos with Bourousis initially gaining a 7-0 scoreline before quickly helping his teammates build a 15-0 advantage. Spanoulis helped bring the score to 19-0 before Siena finally got off the mark in the 8th minute with a shot from almost 7 metres out. We did not let down the pressure much to our credit and we broke down the Italian attacks time after time finally finishing the set 24-4 ahead.

We began the second quarter defensively and Halperin and Gordon providing some very hard work at stopping Siena dead in their tracks. Nesterovic took over for the attack and halped bring the score forward for us along with Gordon and Spanoulis. The italians tried to change their team around but nothing was working for them and we soon racked up at a 47-9 lead, 38 points advantage (!!) for halftime.

It took Siena three minutes of the third period to finally drag their team past the ten point mark but this was obviously not going to win the the game especially as we had by then gotten ourselves to 55-11. Ivkovic seeing the victory was complete started to trial different formations and allowed Siena to slowly rebuilt a less embarassing scoreline at 61-22. The game itself ended at 89-41 with Siena gaining a more respectable scoreline after we were still trialling different playing formations. The game itself was over as a competitive match at halftime and we can now take our team onto the second of the matches having destroyed Siena in the opening match.

Olympiakos 89-41 Siena
1st Period : Olympiakos 24-4 Siena
2nd Period : Olympiakos 47-9 Siena
3rd Period : Olympiakos 61-22 Siena
4th Period : Olympiakos 89-41 Siena

Olympiakos : Papaloukas 3, Nesterovic 9, Spanoulis 11, Bourousis 14, Pelekanos, Mavrokefalidis 15, Nielsen 2, Papanikolaou 4, Erceg 10, Katsivelis 7, Halperin 7, Gordon 7
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Κυριακή, 13 Μαρτίου 2011 22:59

PAOK 2-1 Olympiakos

Thanks to a non-existant penalty gifted to PAOK, we lost todays match by a 2-1 scoreline. Our Erythroleukoi could not manage to win the game despite starting the game ideally with a goal from Djebbour in the 12th minute. We came close to getting a 2-0 score with the ball being hacked off the line but with the subsequent counterattack we managed to concede a goal from Koutsianikoulis in the 45th minute.
From there, a gifted penalty from the referee in the 69th minute altered the game with PAOK converting the gift (71') and taking the victory.

Olympiakos had entered the hostile Toumba stadium and started off reasonably well. PAOK had tried to attack early on for the first two minutes and were pressurising us hard. However they also made errors and we managed to intercept one of their passes with Ibagaza taking control of the ball. The Argentine passed the ball forward to the breaking Djebbour who then controlled and shot the ball home from a tight angle to open the scoring.

After the goal, Olympiakos started to allow PAOK to gain more time and space on the ball and the match was balanced out. However, we didn't make many mistakes at this time. Ibagaza was one of the only players in the midfield to be making a difference, Dudu was simply poor making several bad passes and also Modesto was drifting from position a little too often. Dudu even managed to make a backpass turn into a shot on his own goal!

However, we had other chances of our own, Zairi was close to scoring a goal managing to miss a point blank shot on an open net whilst the ball had to be desperately cleared off the line on another occasion. Unfortunately the PAOK counter attack from this clearance turned into the equalising goal for them. Pardo making a howling mistake to be caught out of the box and missing the interception with the ball. It was then a simple job for PAOK to tap the ball into the net after the keeper had been taken out of the equation.

In the second half the two teams entered with the same scores but with a totally different psychological outlook on the game, PAOK seemed more relaxed and in control whilst we just looked under pressure and frustrated whenever we had the ball. We certainly didn't look like league winners at any time during the second half.
PAOK started to take control of the game whilst we looked unable to react to their attacks with any great panache. The match continued with PAOK introducing Vierinha to become more creative whilst we introduced Fuster in place of the underacheiving Dudu.

Even though we were looking poor in the second half, the score was still level. This however was changed by the referee with a terrible decision which proved critical for the final result of the match. Vierinha taking a total dive in the box after minimal contact from Avraam Papadopoulos. The phantom penalty was converted by Vitolo and so the score became 2-1.
After the penalty, we tried to react to the change in the scoreline by substituting Rommedahl and Ibagaza for Pantelic and Hurtado but it was not enough and we ended up losing the match 2-1 in total.

PAOK 2-1 Olympiakos
12' Djebbour
45' Koutsianikoulis
71' Vitolo (P)

PAOK : Kresic, Cirillo, Savini, Etoo, Contreras, Ivic (76' Tsoukalas), Garcia, Fotakis (57' Vierinha), Koutsianikoulis (68' Salpingidis), Vitolo, Muslimovic
Olympiakos : Pardo, Maniatis, A.Papadopoulos, Mellberg, Modesto, Holebas, Zairi, Ibagaza (72' Pantelic), Rommedahl (72' Hurtado), Dudu (63' Fuster), Djebbour
Yellow Cards : Savini, Vierinha, Salpingidis - Ibagaza, Papadopoulos
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Κυριακή, 13 Μαρτίου 2011 12:35

Team announced for PAOK

Ernesto Valverde has announced the squad of 18 players in advance of todays match against PAOK. The players are :-

Goalkeepers (2) : Nikopolidis, Pardo
Defenders (6) : Maniatis, A.Papadopoulos, Potouridis, Mellberg, Holebas, Modesto
Midfielders (8) : Hurtado, Ibagaza, Rommedahl, Fuster, Dudu, Zairi, Fetfatzidis, G.Papadopoulos
Attackers (2) : Pantelic, Djebbour

When it comes to the actual match, we are expected to line up in the usual 4-2-3-1 formation. Inbetween the posts will be Pardo whilst in front of him will be a back four of Maniatis, A.Papadopoulos, Mellberg and Holebas. Modesto and Dudu Cearense will form the defensive midfield partnership. Forming the attacking trio from midfield will be Rommedahl, Fuster and Zairi although Djebbour may be utilised on the left instead. Djebbour (or Pantelic if Djebbour is playing on the left wing) will take the lone striker role as usual.

With this formation, we can win the game in Toumba tonight and then the 38th Championship will be formally won.
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Κυριακή, 06 Μαρτίου 2011 19:16

Olympiakos 3-0 Ergotelis

If this game was finished after 45 minutes, this report would be full of expletives and some serious hate on certain players. However, we beat Ergotelis in a closed Karaiskaki stadium with three second half goals (Modesto, Pantelic and Mirallas). This was all made possible after the introduction of Ibagaza turned the team around however things could have been very different if Pardo had not managed to save a first half penalty.

From the start of the game, Erythroleukos showed themselves to be rather conservative in outlook and we failed to impose ourselves on the visitors. Instead we had to be content with fighting for the ball and unfortunately we made some very sloppy plays. In the attack we were poor, we couldn't manage to play the final ball into the box for our strikers and despite some decent build up play on the wings, too often we found that the final ball in was a long pass which was cleared by the Ergotelis defence.

After half an hour, Ergotelis won a penalty due to the poor defending of Zairi but the subsequent shot was saved by Pardo and we avoided going behind in the match. The remainder of the first half was not easy on the eyes to watch. Instead we played some very frustrating ball and we had to be content with the 0-0 scoreline when the halftime whistle blew.

At the start of the second half, Ibagaza was introduced for Dudu and this marked a turnaround in our fortunes with the Argentinian dragging the line forward and bringing a creativity to all of our plays. Modesto, Pantelic and Mirallas all scored goals in a short time and finishing the game off for us. This was good to see as although we were markedly better since the start of the second half, we were having trouble in breaking down the Cretan defence until the first goal went in.

Olympiakos was exceptional during this second half, it was hardly threatened by their forwards, it made the necessary goals and it created the chances to score more goals. Our players tried further to score one final goal but this unfortunately was not forthcoming. Therefore we won the game by 3-0, winning our 12th home match and making another step further to regaining the title.

Olympiakos 3-0 Ergotelis
47' Modesto, 58' Pantelic, 65' Mirallas

Olympiakos (Valberde): Pardo, Maniatis, A.Papadopoulos (77' Hurtado), Mellberg, Holebas, Dudu (46' Ibagaza), Modesto, Rommedahl, Zairi (82' Fetfatzidis), Mirallas, Pantelic.
Ergotelis (Karageorgiou): Daskalakis, Heiblinger, Visio, Verpakofskis, Silva Junior (68' Sarris), Romano (63' Budimir), Fragkoulakis, Leal (63' Roubakis), Gialoysis, Kyriakidis, Alexopoulos.
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Σάββατο, 05 Μαρτίου 2011 21:30

Team announced for Ergotelis

The squad of 18 players has been announced for tomorrows game against Ergotelis. This game will be played behind closed at the Giorgos Karaiskaki stadium so victory will be even more important for the team tomorrow. The 18 players announced are :-
  • Goalkeepers (2) : Nikopolidis, Pardo
  • Defenders (6) : Maniatis, A.Papadopoulos, Potouridis, Mellberg, Holebas, Modesto
  • Midfielders (7) : Hurtado, Ibagaza, Rommentdahl, Fuster, Dudu, Zairi, Fetfatzidis
  • Attackers (3) : Pantelic, Mirallas, Djebbour
For the lineup itself it is expect to find that Pardo is in goals as per usual with a back four of Maniatis, Papadopoulos, Mellberg and Holebas in front of him. Modesto will take part in the midfield and will be partnered with Ibagaza although Dudu may be used instead if Ibagaza isn't fully fit.
The front three players are likely to be Mirallas on the right, Fuster in the centre and Zairi on the left with Djebbour utilised as the lone striker.
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