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Πέμπτη, 03 Μαρτίου 2011 23:27

Olympiakos 78-64 Zalgiris

Olympiakos made an overwhelming demonstration against Zalgiris Kaounas winning the game 78-64 and formally finishing top in the group. The team looks ready now for the semi-final with Siena which will take place on Thursday 22nd March.

We started the match with a starting 5 which is not seen often : Teodosic, Gordon, Papanikolaou, Erceg and Glyniadakis. This lineup saw the Lithuanians exploit the start and go ahaead 2-6. We answered them immediately though and with an eleven point break we went ahead 13-6 with Gordon making a very good game. Zalgiris reduced the score to 15-13 but we continued to play well and so we brought the score to 19-20 at the end of the first period.

At the start of the second period, Zalgiris went ahead in front (26-29) but with Halperin and Gordon's hard and important work, we brought a 15-5 score and went in front 41-34 at halftime. During the second half, Olympiakos continued with the good play and took a point difference (48-41) without being pressed particularly. By continuing with a good defence and utilising Nesterovic we managed to keep a decent points differential.

Neserovic continued to be the playmaker for all of our attacks and we didn't seem to have any problems in maintaining the points difference near a double-digit level (58-49) one minute before the end of the third period. The last ten minutes saw us continue with our attacks through Spanoulis and Papaloukas. We actually managed to get the points advantage to 17 points (74-57) before finally settling to a 78-64 score at the end of the game.

Olympiakos 78-64 Zalgiris
1st Period : Olympiakos 19-20 Zalgiris
2nd Period : Olympiakos 41-34 Zalgiris
3rd Period : Olympiakos 58-49 Zalgiris
4th Period : Olympiakos 78-64 Zalgiris

Olympiakos (Ivkovic): Papaloukas 4, Nesterovic 20, Spanoulis 10, Mavrokefalidis 6, Glyniadakis 4, Nielsen 3, Papanikolaou, Erceg 2, Teodosic 5, Halperin 12, Gordon 12.
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Κυριακή, 27 Φεβρουαρίου 2011 23:58

Olympiakos 79-61 Panellenios

Olympiakos scattered Panellenios with a 79-61 scoreline and reached the total of 19 wins in 19 matches in the A1 series.

We started the match with a basic 5 of Papaloukas, Gordon, Pelikanos, Erceg and Glyniadakis and soon opened up a 13 point lead. Panellenios came back into the match at 17-7 and then 19-8 but we were playing well with Pelikanos in particular giving a good account of himself. Dusan Ivkovic kept the lineup of the team mobile and swapped many players and positions around to keep the team fresh and although Halperin took a blow to the abdomen, we won the first period by 28-14.

The second period saw us continue in the same vein although Peliakos also received a blow to the leg and needed to be rested on the bench for a while. Olympiakos with some good traps and pressure in defence continued to steal balls whilst maintaining a good set of passing for the attack. Nesterovic and Mavrokefalidis too their efforts well and shaped the score to 37-23  whilst Papanikolaou took the final shot of the half to finish the score at 48-28.

After the first half of the game, we played well with Papaloukas and Nielsen gaining commendations for the style of their play. We soon got a 54-32 score with Gordon entering the game and showing another good performance. Certain problems from the first half were corrected in the second, for instance Nesterovic's plays against Francis were improved somewhat whilst Papanikolaou was replaced with Pelikanos as his performance was not particularly good. Despite this Panellenios got themselves back into the game in some capacity with a 62-50 scoreline at the end of the third.

The last 10 minutes saw us finish off the game. Papaloukas raised the speed of the game and worked well with Spanoulis to quickly get the score to 74-57. We finally finished the match at 79-61. We move on from here to the cup final match against our greatest clients.

Olympiakos 79-61 Panellenios
1st Period : Olympiakos 28-14 Panellenios
2nd Period : Olympiakos 48-28 Panellenios
3rd Period : Olympiakos 62-50 Panellenios
4th Period : Olympiakos 79-61 Panellenios

Olympiakos (Ivkovic): Papaloukas 7, Nesterovic 7, Gordon 9, Spanoulis 11, Pelikanos 8, Mavrokefalidis 8, Halperin 8, Glyniadakis 13, Nielsen 6, Papanikolaou 2, Erceg, Katasivelis.
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Κυριακή, 27 Φεβρουαρίου 2011 23:09

Panionios 1-1 Olympiakos

Olympiakos paid the price for their weakness to finish the match off and so we drew 1-1 in Nea Smyrnia. Our Erythroleukoi had the supremacy and the initiative in the match but an unlucky equaliser and a needless expulsion (Riera) deprived us of another victory and the chance to go 12 points clear at the top of the table.

Olympiakos started the match hard and tried to create the conditions that would lead to the opening goal, hard, fast and accurate play. Panionios didn't shrink from matching us though and the result was a very frenetic opening. We started to exploit the spaces made by Panionios as they tried to match us across the pitch. Riera and Ibagaza came close with chances on goal but we were also performing well with some breaking plays on the wings.
With this style of play, we searched for spaces in the Panionios line so that we could threaten or shoot on their goal. Eventually in the 43rd minute, we found the goal from a smart counter attack on the Panionios goal. Riera took the ball from the centre of the field and then moved forward up the pitch before making a through pass directly to Mirallas who moved into the box from the left. The Belgian managed to get a shot away before the keeper could intercept and the ball trickled in the net to open the scoring at 0-1.
The only other point to note in the half was Raul Bravo being substituted due to a hamstring injury and Holebas coming on as his replacement.

In the start of the second half, the play was not made as fast as it was in the first half whilst the match was not as open as it was earlier. However, Olympiakos continued to take the initiative in the match with Panionios left to search for a way to challenge us. Lemonis however made his team more aggressive by substituting Sverkos on for Kumordzi.
In the 67th minute, Valverde substituted Hurtado on for Djebbour, bringing Mirallas as the lone striker and moving Fuster to the right. Unfortunately as soon as the change was made Panionios managed to score the equalising goal. Modesto trying to clear a ball from the defence when Sverkos managed to press on and deflect the clearance in a high arc into our net. Pardo was badly placed off his line and was unable to stop the ball from going into the net.
In an inexplicable move, Riera then managed to get himself red carded for an off the ball incident where he hit one of the opposition players. Nevertheless we continued to put the Panionios under some pressue and try to get the winning goal.
The last substitution that Valverde made was to throw Rommedahl into the mix at the expense of Ibagaza. We should have gone on from here to score a second goal which would have finished off the match but we nenver accomplished this.

Panionios 1-1 Olympiakos
43' Mirallas
67' Sverkos

Panionios (Lemonis): Macho, Kbirkbelia, Jonson, Latka, Balaban (89' Koukec), Goundoulakis, Kumordzi (46' Sverkos), Samaris (82' Anastasopoulos), Siovas, Kontoes, Tsotsalic.
Olympiakos (Balberde): Pardo, Maniatis, Modesto, A.Papadopoulos, Bravo (34' Holebas), Dudu, Ibagaza (82' Rommedahl), Mirallas, Fuster, Riera, Djebbour (67' Hurtado).

Yellow Cards : 74' Kontoes, 88' Sverkos / 10' Maniatis
Red Cards : ---/73' Riera
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Σάββατο, 26 Φεβρουαρίου 2011 22:27

Team announced for Panionios

The team of 18 players has been announced in preparation for tomorrow :-

Goalkeepers (2) :- Nikopolidis, Pardo
Defenders (6) :- A.Papadopoulos, Potouridis, Bravo, Holebas, Maniatis, Modesto
Midfielders (7) :- Hurtado, Ibagaza, Rommedahl, Fuster, Dudu, Zairi, Riera
Attackers (3) :- Pantelic, Mirallas, Djebbour

Mellberg received a blow to the head during training and misses the game.

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Πέμπτη, 24 Φεβρουαρίου 2011 23:10

Fenerbahce Ulker 65-80 Olympiakos

Thrylos showed the character of a truly big team in the city of Istanbul tonight, overcoming Fenerbahce by 65 points to 80. After the game, Olympiakos finished first in the group and will have the advantage of home in the playoffs for the Euroleague. Erceg and Spanoulis showed themselves incredible tonight whilst Gordon, Mavrokefalidis, Papaloukas and Nesterovic played well.

Olympiakos started the game with a pentad of Teodosic, Spanoulis, Papanikolaou, Erceg and Mavrokefalidis and we played an exceptional defensive game in the opening 5 minutes of the match. In the attack, Spanoulis, Erceg and Mavrokefalidis all made good work in the attack and so we were 13-6 up before long. The Turkish side improved their defence though and with some individual plays from their players decreased the score to 15-14. Erceg and Spanoulis again took the lead with a 5 point break and brought up the difference to +6 points (20-14) but we ended up slipping back and finishing the first period barely ahead 20-18.

Dusan Ivkovic saw that Teodosic was not having a good evening and so various players were tried in his place along with giving Spanoulis and Erceg a rest. The ganme was tied for points right on the ten minute time but Fenerbahce managed to grab a further two points to finish the first half 36-34 in front.

The second half started off reasonably well for our team again, Erceg scoring again to bring the score to 38-37 but we then allowed Fenerbahce to make a seven point break in the following two minutes and let them get 45-37 in front. This is simply because we had lost our concentration in both defence and attack. Papaloukas and Teodosic continued in the field for the time being with the result that one bad decision followed another on the court and the Turks increased their break to 11 points (49-37), five minutes before the end of the third period.

Six minutes had passed in the period before we woke up properly. The entrance of Gordon and Mavrokefalidis added some stability to our team and so we brought the score back to 51-45, two minutes before the end of the third period. Papaloukas and Erceg also now helped with the score and we ended up with a score of 55-54 at the end of the period.

In the last quarter, Gordon played an astonishing defence and he was matched in his excellent play by Mavrokefalidis and Papaloukas. These three players helped the team make an 8 point break so that we led once again 55-62, six minutes before the end of the game. Erceg continued with his play and shot two baskets to bring the score to +9 (57-66). Spanoulis then brought the score to +11 (64-75) with some amazing play in the final period. We tried to chase +14 and we finally managed this in the last minute of the game with a score of 65-80 (+15)

Fenerbahce Ulker 65-80 Olympiakos
1st Period : Fenerbahce Ulker 18-20 Olympiakos
2nd Period : Fenerbahce Ulker 36-34 Olympiakos
3rd Period : Fenerbahce Ulker 55-54 Olympiakos
4th Period : Fenerbahce Ulker 65-80 Olympiakos

Olympiakos (Ivkobic): Papaloukas 9, Nesterovic 16, Spanoulis 12, Pelikanos, Mavrokefalidis 16, Glyniadakis 2, Papanikolaou, Erceg 21, Teodosic 2, Gordon 2.
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Κυριακή, 20 Φεβρουαρίου 2011 22:26

Olympiakos 92-76 Maroussi

Olympiakos beat Maroussi 92-76 in Matchday 18 in the A1 Basket remaining first and unbeaten in the league.

Olympiakos entered the match with a starting pentad of Teodosic, Pelikanos, Erceg, Papanikolaou and Glyniadakis and it was obvious from the outset that Ivkovic had set up the team for a good defensive formation. Olympiakos lived up to expectation with a 16-6 opening thanks to the exceptional play of Erceg and Papanikolaou and the good organisation of Milos Teodosic. With some further help from Spanoulis, we ended the first quarter 24-14 ahead.
We didn't lapse concentration in the second period either with Papanikolaou continuing the exceptional play and allowing Olympiakos reach a halftime score of 43-33.

However, Olympiakos did not begin the second half particularly well and we relaxed defensively allowing Maroussi back into the game at 49-43. The reduction in the points difference acted as a spur to our team though and we improved our defensive play. Pelikanos gave some further solutions to the attack and we went ahead by 68-55 by the end of the third quarter.

Olympiakos began the last quarter with an improved play and increasing the speed of the plays. Mavrokefalidis and Spanoulis took a lot of the action in this last period whilst our defence remained at a high leveland the differences increased to 15 points (74-59). Maroussi made a final attack bringing the score down to 79-67, three minutes before the end of the match. We then made a 6 point break in a single minute and with a score of 92-76 finished the game off.

Olympiakos 92-76 Maroussi
1st Period : Olympiakos 24-14 Maroussi
2nd Period : Olympiakos 43-33 Maroussi
3rd Period : Olympiakos 68-55 Maroussi
4th Period : Olympiakos 92-76 Maroussi

Olympiakos (Ivkovic): Papaloukas 11, Spanoulis 9, Pelikanos 10, Mavrokefalidis 10, Glyniadakis 4, Nielsen 3, Papanikolaou 19, Erceg 17, Teodosic 9.
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Σάββατο, 19 Φεβρουαρίου 2011 23:01

Olympiakos 2-1 Poutanas Gioi

Todays match is the highlight of our year, the annual rapefest against the green rabbits of Panathinaikos. The tickets for this game sold out a couple of weeks ago and we have a packed stadium for todays game. If we win today (as we should) we will be 10 points in front and its all over. We will have won the championship in everything but name, it will take a couple of games for this to be literally correct but if we win today we will have basically sealed the season. The team has been announced for today, the stadium is literally vibrating under the supporters feet, we are ready to celebrate so don't let us down...

We kick the game off (after a nine minute delay) and spurred on by the fervent crowd, immediately go on the attack winning a throw-in a dangerous position before finally letting the ball go out of play. The vazeloi them come forward but we manage to clear up their attacks, first with intercepting the ball by Mellberg and then by a Pardo interception. We take over the control of the ball again and win a corner, the first of the game before heading the ball over
and out of play. We get further chances, namely a free kick, a corner and then a blocked shot on goal from Fuster but don't manage to score as yet. (quick stat: Olympiakos has 67% possession so far)
We continue with the attacking with Mirallas close to having a point blank shot on goal (blocked by Kante) and Djebbour seeing an effort wide. In all, we've been all over them in the first 15 minutes.

As the game continue, we win a free kick in an advantageous position which we convert. The free kick is played short and to the right hand side of the wall to Mirallas. Mirallas then moves forward and coolly slots the ball home past the keeper to open the scoring. Superb! (Gate7 now erupts in flares and smoke bombs which delays the restart for several minutes). After the game does restart, we attack again although we still need to be careful when the rabbits do manage to counterattack forcing Pardo to come forward and claim the ball. The Vazeloi then have a couple of minutes in control of the ball but don't do anything with it save a weak header on goal which Pardo easily saves. Before long, we have taken over in the game once more.

Our attacks are now coming thick and fast which are having to be cleared rather desperately although they are clearing the ball into the centre of the pitch on enough occasions. (Quick stat: Olympiakos possession is now 58%) The Vazeloi are still coming forward especially in the last couple of minutes, but again they've done nothing with their possession and when we do inevitably take control of the ball, we end up attacking into their box with a 1-2 between Riera and Djebbour and having a crack on their goal. We have a couple more attacks in the half but nothing comes of them, the half itself ends after 3 minutes of extra time.

For the second half, Cisse and co-homosexual Katsouranis kick off the half and come forward, getting the ball into the area before we clear up and take possession. Our touch has been poor in the opening minutes of the second half and we will need to improve - fast - if we are to avoid conceding. We do look a lot brighter after some 5 minutes into the half and look like the team we have come to respect once again. We make another sloppy play which allows the Lagoi the opportunity to counter into our box and have a shot on goal, luckily it goes wide but we must improve! (Current stat for 2nd half - possession - only 30% Olympiakos). We look firmly on the defensive as the Vazeloi come forward again and manage to win a free kick from a Raul Bravo challenge. As shitty luck would have it, the free kick is slowly punted over the wall and into the back of the net. Pardo is late to react as we concede the sloppy goal. Even after the restart we fail to take control of the game and allow the Rabbits to keep attacking us. This is so frustrating to watch as we were a much better team in the first half and we look like shit so far in the second half.

We make our first substitution of the match in the 60th minute, with David Fuster making way for Dudu Cearense, and soon after make our first direct shot of the half with Riera's shot bouncing off the stunned Tzorvas. We still don't seem to have improved our play though and we are still allowing them far too much time on the ball. Another sloppy pass allows the Lagoi to counter attack and almost have a chance of their own but we manage to take control once again, attack all the way up the pitch and force a corner from a Riera shot on goal which is fisted away from goal.Cisse has another chance on our goal after we fail to close him down adequately, luckily his header being parried by Pardo and the corner subsequently cleared. We then go on the hunt for the second goal again winning a free kick to the right hand side of their area but failing to make any shots on target.

We are now in the final 15 minutes of the game and despite the Vazeloi having control of the ball, we soon take over and attack up the pitch winning a free kick when Silva blatently fouls Mirallas. Unfortunately we cannot make anything from our opportunity and after some passes, lose the ball. Our second substitution, Mirallas for Zairi is made at this time with Zairi making an instant impact by dribbling past the opposition players. The vazeloi then have an attack on our goal and manage to score although this is ruled as offside (Cisse is behind Dudu (in front of the goalline) and has interfered with play). Our play in the second half has been very poor and I am left so disappointed in the team and how we have played in the second half.
We still have 5 minutes to play of the second half but it doesn't look like we will create anything now. The passing has been shocking and more importantly the team has lost its sense of urgency, looking happy to sit back and wait for the ball to be played. Raul Bravo, one of the only players to keep going on our side, drags the ball up the pitch only to miss out on a corner. Our final substitution of Riera coming off for Marko Pantelic is made in the 90th minute and this is surely too late to make any effect on the game?
In fact it isn't, in the first minute of extra time, we manage to get the ball into the box from the left hand side, theres a scramble in the box before Djebbour knocks it over the line to win the game. I can't say this is deserved after the second half that I've seen but it surely is very welcome indeed. There is another delay after Gate7 flood the pitch with flares and another delay after Torosidis is red carded for an off-the-ball challenge on Leto. It is the 6th minute of additional time before the game is restarted properly and by then it is all over. The win was justabout deserved overall but we came very close to screwing this up, our second half was very poor and only saved by a couple of individual performances. Still - Ante Geia Poutanas Gioi!

Olympiakos 2-1 Poutanas Gioi
20' Mirallas
58' Leto
90+1' Djebbour

Olympiakos : Pardo, Torosidis, Mellberg, A.Papadopoulos, Bravo, Modesto, Ibagaza, Riera (90' Pantelic), Fuster (61' Dudu), Mirallas (78' Zairi), Djebbour
Green Rabbits : Tzorvas, Sarriegi, Vyntra, Kante, Spyropoulos, Silva, Katsouranis, Karagounis (79' Simao), Ninis (65' Govou), Cisse, Leto
Yellow Cards : 21' Mirallas, 90+3 Modesto - 90+3 Leto
Red Cards : 90+3' Torosidis
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Σάββατο, 19 Φεβρουαρίου 2011 00:20

Team announced for Poutanas Gioi

The eighteen players who will put the Green Rabbits to the sword tomorrow have been announced. The legendary 18 players are :-

Goalkeepers (2) : Nikopolidis, Pardo
Defenders (7) : Torosidis, A.Papadopoulos, Mellberg, Bravo, Holebas, Maniatis, Modesto
Midfielders (6) : Ibagaza, Rommedahl, Fuster, Dudu, Zairi, Riera
Attackers (3) : Pantelic, Mirallas, Djebbour

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Παρασκευή, 18 Φεβρουαρίου 2011 16:10

Crvena Zvezda - Gate 7 : Brothers Forever

Today, 200 of our Serbian brothers completed their journey to Piraeus for tomorrows game against the Green Whores. We had sent 300 of our own fans to the Marakana perviously this season and this is their return trip to visit us. The fans who attend from Serbia will stand with us inside Gate7 and add their voices to the sell-out capacity crowd.

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Παρασκευή, 18 Φεβρουαρίου 2011 00:51

Valencia 79-85 Olympiakos

Olympiakos played Valencia tonight, eventually winning 79-85 and ensuring qualification for the next round. Our next aim will be to beat Fenerbahce Ulker so that we finish first in the group.

Olympiakos began with a basic five of Spanoulis, Teodosic, Papanikolaou, Nielsen and Bourousis but after the first five minutes had a problem in penetrating the defence of the Spanish team. Valencia took a slight lead early on  before Bourousis helped reduce the score back to 12-11 by the 7th minute. Spanoulis then helped the team get into the front for the first time before Gordon, Papaloukas and Nesterovic allowed us to get 15-20 in front. A quick counter by Valencia brought the score back to 17-20 at the end of the first period.

For the second quarter, Ivkovic introduced Erceg into the team and the Serb repaid his choice with some red-hot play alongside Papaloukas and Spanoulis. Nesterovic in defence, closed down the defence well and stopped a lot of the Valencia attacks from happening. However Valencia did manage to make some headway exploiting some of our more hasty attacks and taking advantage of some errors made by Mavrokefalidis and Teodosic, gaining a 9 point break and bringing the score back to 25-26. Olympiakos however managed to sort themselves our and gained a 6 point break of their own before allowing Valencia back into the game. Thus, the second period continued in this style of play until the half time klaxon was sounded at a scoreline of 37-37.

At halftime, Ivkovic asked for an improved defence and the presence of Papaloukas and Grant helped Olympiakos keep the defence tight whilst allowing our attack to exploit the spanish defence and to bring the score to 43-46. Spanolis however was looking nervous on the court and so was replaced by Pelekanos so that we could try and find further solutions in play. Valencia unfortunately found some rhythym scoring enough points to get 6 points in front (54-48) and we looked to be in some trouble at this point. Jamon Gordon came into his own now and with enormous energy in both defence and attack decreased the score to 54-53 with just one minute of the quarter remaining. Unfortunately we then went on to miss the next three shots through Bourousis, Papaloukas and Spanoulis to allow the Spanish team to stay ahead in the quarter with 55-53.

As the last period began, the referees showwed some serious errors of judgement to allow the Spanish to get 59-53 in front after whistling for two non-existant fouls. We fought back though through Teodosic and managed to bring the scores back to within a single point before the referees again showed some serious poor calls in favour of Valencia. Teodosic continued his good work although Nielsen needed to be replaced after some poor play in this period. Two further errors by the arbitration ignored the baskets of Spanoulis and Teodosic although Nesterovic managed to close the scoring once again and get us in front with 71-73 just two and half minutes before the end of the game.
A frantic end to the game on both sides saw us finally put the game away and finish 79-85 to the good.

Valencia 79-85 Olympiakos
1st Quarter : Valencia 17-20 Olympiakos
2nd Quarter : Valencia 37-37 Olympiakos
3rd Quarter : Valencia 55-53 Olympiakos
4th Quarter : Valencia 79-85 Olympiakos

Olympiakos (Ivkovic) : Papaloukas 4, Nesterovic 16, Spanoulis 18, Bourousis 12, Pelikanos 4, Mavrokefalidis 6, Nielsen, Papanikolaou, Erceg 12, Teodosic 11, Gordon 2.
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