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Gate7 Memorial - 5th February 2011

This years commemoration of the Gate7 tragedy will be held tomorrow, Saturday 5th February at 12.30 outside of the Giorgos Karaiskaki stadium. The memorial will remember the 21 young fans who were tragically killed 30 years ago at the exit gates of Gate7.
Olympiakos FC will also be running a blood donation centre (with the collaboration of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Blood Donor Volunteers) tomorrow in memory of the victims of the tragedy. Those that wish to, can give blood in the Museum from 10.00am to 15.00pm.

The pictures attached to the bottom of the article have been taken from previous years memorials. At these, thousands of Olympiakos fans were found outside of Karaiskaki stadium to honour the 21 fallen victims of the 8th February 1981.
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8th February 1981 - A History

This coming Tuesday sees the 30th anniversary of the Gate7 tragedy. We will be holding a rememberance service on this Saturday 5th February to pay our respects and I will make a post about the service on the Saturday. For those who are unaware, this is the history :-

8 February 1981 Karaiskakis stadium, Athens.

Greek football's darkest day came on 8 February 1981 at the end of an Athens derby between Olympiacos CFP and AEK Athens FC. Olympiacos, the home side, ran out comfortable 6-0 winners, but the margin of the victory caused an unprecedented rush by their fans to leave the stadium in order to meet the victorious players at the stadium entrance.

Unfortunately, in their eagerness to leave the stadium, the stairs of Gate 7 in particular, became overwhelmed. People rushed down the angled stairs, but not being able to see that those ahead of them were unable to exit, a crush ensued, leaving 21 supporters dead and many others injured. Although the subsequent enquiry proved inconclusive, the memory of those people who suffocated at Gate 7 is commemorated with twenty-one seats, each with the name of one of the victims remains permanently vacant, remembering that tragic day in February 1981.
  • Dimitris Adamopoulos 40 yrs old
  • Gerasimos Amitsis 18 yrs old
  • Spiros Andriotis 24 yrs old
  • Yiannis Dialinas 20 yrs old
  • Yiannis Kanellopoulos 18 yrs old
  • Kostas Karanikolas 26 yrs old
  • Antonis Kouroupakis 34 yrs old
  • Michalis Kostopoulos 21 yrs old
  • Spiros Leonidakis 18 yrs old
  • Efstratios Loupos 20 yrs old
  • Michalis Markou 27 yrs old
  • Vassilios Mahas 20 yrs old
  • Kostas Billas 28 yrs old
  • Ilias Panagoulis 17 yrs old
  • Anastasios Pitsolis 30 yrs old
  • Kostas Sklavounis 16 yrs old
  • Yiannis Spiliotopoulos 19 yrs old
  • Panagiotis Toumanidis 14 yrs old
  • Nikos Filos 19 yrs old
  • Zografoula Heratidou 23 yrs old
  • Christos Hatzigeorgiou 34 yrs old
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Olympiakos 77-62 Valencia

Olympiakos beat Power Valencia with a 15 point lead to win the 3rd game in the Euroleague.
Olympiakos initially met some difficulties from the Valencia team. We had started off with a 4-2 scoreline before allowing the Spanish team to reverse the score and take the lead 8-10. Spanoulis then took the initiative and gave our team the vital energy they had been lacking, allowing us to make a 12 point break and regain a 18-10 lead. A very low score...

Dusan Ivkovic demanded continuous pressure and concentration from our side and we indulged his demands very well. Papaloukas (marking 300 steals) organised the defence along with Nesterovic setting up the plays from the middle distance, we set up a 26-20 scoreline before continuing further and gaining 33-22 at the end.

Having options available to our attack and exploiting these fully, Olympiakos maintained a degree of safety with the scoreline of 40-32 and 44-32. Our team pressed continuously, leading the Spanish team to make errors of their own and allowing us to capitalise on them. Bourousis gained a number of points and helped Teodosic do the same so that we ended the third quarter with a 57-42 scoreline.

Our coach continued with the good organisation that he had shown so far and Valencia simply couldn't respond, the scores of 61-47 and 65-49 bear witness to that. Olympiakos showed a good performance and didn't rely on the same plays or players in tonights game. We ended up winning the match 77-62 to the good and move onto the away game against the same opponent in a couple of weeks.
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PAOK 1-0 Olympiakos

Todays game comes from an empty Toumba stadium where we face PAOK in the second leg of the Greek Cup 6th round. The PAOK fans are banned from having any spectators after previous problems with their behaviour and so we have the opportunity to decisively beat PAOK in an empty stadium today.

With the game only a couple of minutes old, it is PAOK who have the first chance of the game with a shot from Vierinha which rattles

the post before bouncing back into play (before being shot out of play). Despite this early scare though, we soon recover and start to fight over the pitch for the ball. We do make some chances of our own, notably through a cross from Torosidis which is headed wide from Mirallas and a number of blocked shots taken in the area from Fuster and Rommedahl. We aren't in control of the game though yet and we are still in the stage of fighting for possession of the ball with PAOK. We do have to perform some defensive duties ourselves (notably Mellberg having to make a clearance early on) but generally PAOK are not making too many attacks. Luckily for us, PAOK's next attack (through Pablo Garcia) goes wide of target.

We are starting to make the first moves at controlling the ball and the game now, getting the ball forward into the PAOK box and trying to create our chances on their goal from there. This is not to say that everything is going our way, PAOK still capable of holding the ball up and making life very difficult for us but more often than not, we are in control of the ball and we are the ones doing the attacking.
As the half continues, we see PAOK first take control of the ball but then lose it again as we start to control the possession once more. There are very few chances to write about though and it is unfortunate that PAOK are doing well to close our players down. A dead ball situation promised to give us a chance at the PAOK goal but unfortunately the free kick was wasted and the ball simply blazed wide of goal.

The game is halted momentarily whilst Chalkias is first injured and then recovers. After the restart though, we continue with our attacking and win the first corner of the match. Unfortunately this is lost but we continue to press forward in search of the goal. It must be said though that we aren't playing with any great conviction and we aren't pressing the PAOK defence enough for my liking. PAOK are simply sitting back with all 11 men and frustrating our attacking line. The ball is left played around the midfield and we are simply not attacking enough. The first half finishes after a single minute of extra time and the only thing worth mentioning is that Rommedahl having a chance on goal but missing the goalmouth by some distance. We can do better although PAOK are playing like scared babies.

After the restart, it seems that not much has actually changed. In almost a carbo copy of the first half, PAOK make the first move on goal but luckily this time, Salpingidis is flagged offside. PAOK follow this up though with a shot on our goal which Nikopolidis has to stretch to save through Vierinha. When we do finally manage to regain the ball (after 7 minutes of PAOK possession), we attempt to get the ball forward only to get a rather harsh infringement blown against us.
We also make our first substitution of the match at this time (53') with Jaouod Zairi replacing Dennis Rommedahl. PAOK have themselves a halfchance to open the score but luckily Mellberg and Modesto manage to close down Salpingidis before any damage can be done. Unfortunately it is PAOK who open the scoring when a free kick is given to PAOK, the ball is headed past our defence and makes its way to Salpingidis who shoots wide into the net.

Now we have to score a goal to simply tie the game and take the match into extra time, twice to win the game. We also make our second and third substitutions in the 60th minute with Fetfatzidis and Pantelic replacing Fuster and Djebbour. We attempt to get the ball forward now whilst PAOK defend with all 11 men stuck in the last third of the pitch. Unfortunately although we are managing to create crosses into the box, we are being outnumbered and outmuscled in the box.
Nikopolidis manages to handle the ball outside of the box to gift PAOK a direct free kick on the edge of the box which luckily is hit against the wall before bouncing clear. The only shot worth mentioning from our side is Zairi having a blocked shot on goal. It really has never gotten any better for us in this second half.

With time ticking away, we are now in the final 15 minutes of the game and we just don't look any better or even close to scoring at the minute. PAOK manage to win a corner and have another crack at our goal which results in a second corner before we can effectively clear the ball. When we do get the ball, we try to get the ball forward and manage to win a free kick when is subsequently lost when shot into the box. Apart from this, its a case of same old as we still cannot get the ball through to the front players.
To compound our problems, Mirallas gets himself a straight red card on the 86' mark for pushing Vladan Ivic in the face. The expulsion leaves us a man down with just four minutes of normal time to go. We do have a shot on goal in the final minute of the game but Chalkias saves the point blank shot.

This proves to be our final chance of the game, the game finishes after 5 minutes of extra time and with the loss, we leave the competition. A rubbish performance from our players today who never really looked in control of the game.

PAOK : Chalkias, Savini (72' El Zhar), Cirillo, Malezas, Lino, Tsoukalas, Garcia, Snauczner, Ivic (93' Balafas), Vierinha, Salpingidis (84' Muslimovic)
Olympiakos : Nikopolidis, A.Papadopoulos, Mellberg, Torosidis, Bravo, Modesto. Ibagaza, Rommedahl (53' Zairi), Mirallas, Fuster (61' Pantelic), Djebbour (61' Fetfatzidis)
Yellow Cards : Tsoukalas - Djebbour, A.Papadopoulos, Ibagaza
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Team announced for PAOK (Cup)

The team for tomorrows cup second leg game has now been announced. The 18 players who were selected were :-
  • Goalkeepers (2) : Nikopolidis, Pardo
  • Defenders (7) : Torosidis, A.Papadopoulos, Mellberg, Bravo, Holebas, Maniatis, Modesto
  • Midfielders (6) : Ibagaza, Fetfatzidis, Fuster, Zairi, Rommedahl, G.Papadopoulos
  • Attackers (3) : Pantelic, Mirallas, Djebbour
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Olympiakos Volou 0-1 Olympiakos Piraeus

Todays game comes from the Panthessalaiko stadium where we will be facing a very competant Olympiakos Volou team. Volou have been playing well all season and although we won the home leg of this tie comfortably enough, the away leg will obviously be a different beast altogether. We have purchased and sold all 6,200 tickets which were available prior to the match and the stadium itself seems packed to the rafters as the teams walk out on the pitch. We are wearing the all blue kits today whilst Volou will be wearing the traditional 'erythroleukos' kit, the stadiums are vibrating under the force of the fans as the whistle goes to start the game...

The opening minutes of the match are rather tight with both sides rushing to get control of the ball. One side will attack before losing out on the ball and allowing the other side to try their chances on goal. This style of play continues for the first ten minutes of the game with neither side able to make much progress in the game although Volou possibly have had the better chances with the ball so far. Our defence however has started off the game well and we seem to be building our plays from the back allowing the defence to be the basis of our gameplay. We do have a single chance on goal in the first fifteen minutes thanks to a free kick from outside the area but this is all we can manage in the early stages.

Despite not really having control of the game yet, we do manage to grab the opening goal when a break allows Riera to get into the left hand side of the box, pass right past the waiting defenders to Mirallas who had been left unmarked on the edge of the box. It is a simple job for Fuster to knock the ball into the net and past the keeper. Volou now restart the game but apart from a quick attack of their own, they concede control of the ball and allow us to attack them again, this time resulting in a corner.
After the goal, we seem to have taken control of the game and we are now performing most of the attacking in the game whilst Volou seem content to defend and try to avoid a second goal. We make some smooth attacks during this time but we cannot manage to get the final ball to Pantelic or make the shot on goal yet.

As we continue to attack, Volou do manage to grab a couple of counter attacks for themselves and manage to threaten our goal through free kicks and the odd fast attack. So far however, our defence has been capable of withstanding anything that they throw at us though. Volou do a large amount of attacking in this phase although we do manage to force a corner through our own counter attack. It must be admitted though that Volou are controlling the possession and the amount of attacks even though our defence is standing firm. Their best chance so far comes from a header on goal from breska which Pardo has to dive in order to effectively save.
Volou continue to attack and grab the equaliser whilst we still defend hard. It is annoying to see that although we have five players in midfield, we are not controlling possession and we are coming off second best in the midfield itself. A free kick from the left gives us a glimmer of hope at grabbing a second goal but we waste our chances and head the delivered cross over the net.
In another (worringly good) attack, Volou player Solakis gets close to heading the ball into our net but luckily is confounded by Pardo's energetic save. This proves to be the last play of the half though which ends after one minute of extra time and provides us with the chance to sort ourselves out for the second half.

The second half starts off reasonably well for us. We look a lot better in control of the ball and it isn't long before we manage to win a free kick on the edge of the area through a foul made on Pantelic (although we cannot convert the free kick into a goal and only win a corner from it). This is followed up with a short range shot on goal from Riera (which also results in a corner). We continue with the attacking play with a marked difference to the end of the first half, we now look in control of the game and we are showing this in the amount of chances we are creating around their goalmouth. We come extemely close to scoring a second goal from Fuster after he manages to break through their defence skillfully but his resulting shot in lobbing the keeper is just wide of the net.

Our first substitution is made in the 61st minute with Djebbour making his Olympiakos debut for Marko Pantelic. Pantelic although he had performed reasonably today had never really shone on the field and this will be interesting, even if it is just to see how Djebbour can play. Our attacking play continues with both Riera and Mirallas snapping shots away at the Volou goal but without success. In a rare counterattack, Volou get a shot away on our goal but find it wide.
We win a free kick right on the edge of the area in the 67th minute after Djebbour is fouled and this gives us a golden chance to score. However the kick is taken far too soft and the lob easily intercepted and cleared. Apart from this though, we are in full control of the game and making attack after attack. Some care is evidently needed though as we find the ball intercepted or desperately cleared by Volou just too often for my own liking. We now prepare our second substitution of the game with Zairi coming on for Mirallas.

We are now in the last fifteen minutes of the match and continuing with the attacking play. Unfortunately our lack of concentration when it comes to the final pass is still evident and we end up losing more goalscoring chances through our own poor passing when we've done the hard part of breaking into the box. Our final substitution is now made with Albert Riera coming off for Jose Holebas, it looks like Riera may have picked up an injury as he needed to be carried off the pitch on a stretcher.
Back to the game and Djebbour surprised himself when he managed o get into a 1-on-1 situation with the goalie and he didn't take his shot cleanly, bouncing it against the goalkeepers legs. We make more attacks and shots on the Volou goal but nothing with any conviction. The play continues like this throughout normal time until we enter the first of three minutes of extra time when we win two corners in a row although we don't make any of our chances pay.
The game finishes after 3 minutes of additional time and although we can be happy that we won the three points today, we can also we very frustrated that we didn't win more convincingly. We were in control of the game for a good 70% of the time but couldn't finish our chances off.

Olympiakos Volou 0-1 Olympiakos Piraeus
19' Fuster

Olympiakos Piraeus : Pardo, Torosidis, A.Papadopoulos, Mellberg, Bravo, Ibagaza, Modesto, Mirallas (73' Zairi), Fuster, Riera (79' Holebas), Pantelic (61' Djebbour)
Olympiakos Volou : Giakoupovic, Dolezai, Szelesi, Tomas, Alvarez, Kapetanos (71' Mitropoulos), Bertolini (46' Martin), Rokas, Monhe, Breska, Solakis (59' Akosta)
Yellow Cards : 14' Bertolini, 67' Tomas, 92' Martin / ---
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AEK 74-79 Olympiakos

Olympiakos made hard work of todays game against AEK although we finally took the victory. Rather than the walkover that it should have been, we made a poor to mediocre performance and only just managed to win.
Our 'Erythroleukos' started the game well enough with two early baskets from Keselj and Teodosic ramping up the score to 2-6. However errors made when passing the ball coupled with a poor defence (too relaxed) allowed the AEK players to come back and get in front 11-8.
The was a suspension in the play when the AEK homosexuals threw a smoke bomb onto the court along with some water bottles and the teams were led to the locker rooms until the playing area had been cleaned up. This took roughly twenty minutes to recommence the game.
With the restart of the match, Bourousis took some efforts on the basket and managed to get us 13-15 in front however an AEK counter attack quick played on our defensive weaknesses and brought themselves back into the game. At the end of the first period, we had justabout sorted ourselves out with a 21-28 lead, thanks to Halperin.

The second period saw an informal duel between Bourousis and Kochantarevic with our player getting 13 points to the AEK players 12, a fact that seemed to vex Dusan Ivkovic with our defence still not playing very well. Erceg and Mavrokefalidis showed some resolve however and provided 12 assists to allow the score to rise to 29-36 and then 35-42. We ended the half some six points in front at 40-46.

The third quarter didn't see much improvement from our team, especially defensively and we at one point allowed AEK to equalise the score (54-54). However Bourousis and Spanoulis then gave us the lead once again and brought the score back to 54-58. Both teams scored up until the 30' mark and AEK closed the gap slightly to finish 58-60.

The last period of the game saw AEK score some embarrasingly easy baskets and even managed to overtake our score at one point with 64-63 in the 34th minute. Both Nielsen and Mavrokefalidis making hard work of breaking down the AEK players in this final quarter. However, the introduction of Erceg allowed us to make a 7 point break changing the score to 66-73 with just three minutes to go in the game. AEK then came back into the game whilst we demonstrated some appalling play to let them get 71-73. Although we finally managed to stabilise the game at 74-79 after Spanoulis, Teodosic and Erceg got the final baskets.

AEK 74-79 Olympiakos
1st Quarter : AEK 21-28 Olympiakos
2nd Quarter : AEK 40-46 Olympiakos
3rd Quarter : AEK 58-60 Olympiakos
4th Quarter : AEK 74-79 Olympiakos

Olympiakos (Ivkovic) : Spanoulis 5, Bourousis 19, Keselj 3, Pelikanos, Mavrokefalidis 9, Halperin 9, Glyniadakis, Nielsen 7, Papanikolaou 2, Erceg 14, Teodosic 11.
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Team announced for Olympiakos Volou

Ernesto Valverde has announced the squad of 18 for the match against Olympiakos Volou. The only point to note is Rafik Djebbour's first potential debut as an Olympiakos player.
Goalkeepers : Nikopolidis, Pardo
Defenders : Torosidis, A.Papadopoulos, Mellberg, Bravo, Modesto, Holebas, Maniatis
Midfielders : Rommedahl, Fuster, Fetfatzidis, Zairi, Riera, Ibagaza
Attackers : Djebbour, Pantelic, Mirallas.
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Player Movement

Whilst we await the team to be announced for tomorrow, I have a bit of player transfer news :-
  • Diogo Louis Santos, formerly on loan at Flamengo, has now agreed to join the Brazilian club Santos on loan for 12 months. He is therefore no longer expected to return in the summer and will be back on the 1st January 2012 unless purchased earlier.
  • Giorgos Galitsios has agreed to move to Panionios on loan for the next 6 months and this was agreed yesterday and announced last evening.
  • Kristian Nemeth is going to be moving to Olympiakos Volou on loan for 6 months. We are simply awaiting for the comfirmation from the club now.
  • Ariel Ibagaza, if he plays in tomorrows game, will automatically invoke a contract clause tying him to the club for a further 12 months.
  • Kevin Mirallas has been widely reported as having signed a 3 year contract with our club but again as there has been no official word as yet, I am unsure whether this is actually true or not.
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Training - Friday 28th January and more

More training for our team as they get ready for Sundays game against Olympiakos Volou (17:15 - Panthessaliko).
  • Olof Mellberg and Dudu Cearense both trained fully with the team although Dudu also took an extra individual program afterwards.
  • Moises Hurtado followed gym exercise and a run in the grounds whilst Nikos Papadopoulos continued with his own course of recovery training.
  • Kristian Nemeth was absent from training (with permission).
Away from training, the rumours about Kristian Nemeth being potentially loaned out for the remainder of the season continue whilst there was another rumour that Kevin Mirallas was either close to signing or had already signed a contract with the club to keep him here for the next three years. I haven't seen anything more concrete on this one though.
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