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Σάββατο, 18 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 22:05

Squad for Larisa named

Again there is no official confirmation for this (I think theres a strike on today), but here is the squad of 19 players as announced by Ernesto Valverde :-

Goalkeepers (2) : Nikopolidis, Pardo
Defenders (7) : Torosidis, A.Papadopoulos, Mellberg, Holebas, Modesto, Bravo, Galitsios
Midfielders (7) : Hurtado, Ibagaza, Fetfatzidis, G.Papadopoulos, Zairi, Riera, Fuster
Attackers (3) : Mirallas, Pantelic, Nemeth
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Παρασκευή, 17 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 19:41

Training - Friday 17th December

I had to get this information almost second hand as it were since there has been no official communique today, however it appears that Dennis Rommedahl has now been officially ruled out of this weekends game. He has instead followed a personal training program and therefore cannot be used in Sundays game.

Kristian Nemeth followed the normal team practice today until just before the end of practice when he took a knock to his sternum. He will be assessed tomorrow and may or may not also be used this weekend.

However both Albert Riera and Moses Hurtado seem to be fit and ready for Sundays match as both followed the regular program.

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Πέμπτη, 16 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 21:53

Ilysiakos 60-91 Olympiakos

We won tonights game by a 31 point margin by some ease with Bourousis, Spanoulis, Halperin, Keselj and Mavrokefalidis all aquitting themselves well. Olympiakos showed concentration and skill throughout the match and they played well as a team to eventually win the game by a 91-60 scoreline.

In contrast, Ilysiakos looked nervous and made plenty of errors which we were not slow to capitalise on. The start of the match however was quite tight certainly for the first five minutes of the game (6-7 scoreline) however we soon took over in the game with Keselj making a very good performance defensively. Vasilis Spanoulis then took over in the attack and the quick results was the opening of a nine point lead (10-19). Our players as a whole then limited their own errors and became more creative with the possession, they also took their chances when the opportunity rose and the result was the first period closing score being 19-28.

In the start of the second quarter, we again started off with some errors in our play for the first five minutes. However this was also matched by Ilysiakos error-strewn play and so barely 8 points were scored in this time (23-32). However, we then sorted ourselves out and with a quick break of 6 points, we tightened up our play and brought up a fifteen point difference (25-40) before finishing the ensure half with a 29-44 score.

With Keselj dominating play, we started off the third quarter very brightly. Our Serbian ace was joined in the attack by Bourousis and Mavrokefalidis to keep the points differential at +15 and above (38-54). At about the same time, Vasilis Spanoulis continued with his good performance and the entire team were also playing well. Finally the third quarter was over with a 50-65 scoreline.

The final quarter saw Ivkovic inspire our team further onwards and through the efforts of Halperin, Gordon and Mavrokefalidis we first raised the points differential to +20 and then further to +30. We finally finished the game with a 60-91 scoreline and showed ourselves to be worthy winners.

Ilysiakos 60-91 Olympiakos
1st Quarter : Ilysiakos 19-28 Olympiakos
2nd Quarter : Ilysiakos 29-44 Olympiakos
3rd Quarter : Ilysiakos 50-65 Olympiakos
4th Quarter : Ilysiakos 60-91 Olympiakos

Olympiakos (Ivkovic): Papaloukas 3, Nesterovic 11, Gordon 4, Spanoulis 14, Bourousis 13, Keselj 11, Pelikanos, Mavrokefalidis 14, Halperin 13, Erceg 8.
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Πέμπτη, 16 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 14:06

Training - Thursday 16th December

The football team trained today at 10.30 in the morning as they get ready for the game against Larisa (19:30 - AEL Arena - Sunday 19th). From this training, we have the following news :-
  • Albert Riera is now training regularly with the team, it is still touch and go to see if he will play this weekend though.
  • Dennis Rommedahl followed a program of individual training in the gym.
  • Dudu Cearense will leave today to go to Brazil for hospital treatment. It is expected that he will be absent from the team for the next five weeks.
We continue with our training tomorrow at 10.30 again.
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Πέμπτη, 16 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 12:03

Tickets available for Asteras Tripolis

Our club has announced that tickets for next Wednesdays match against Asteras Tripolis (Greek Cup Round 5) are now available for purchase. The game will be played in Tripolis on Wednesday 22nd December at 17:15 and prices are fixed for the tickets at €25 each. Tickets are on sale from today (16th December) through to Tuesday 21st between 10:00 and 17:00
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Παρασκευή, 10 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 12:13

Training - Friday 10th December

Our penultimate training session of the week was held today and there is really ony 2 bits of news to be mentioned :-
  • Giorgos Galitsios took part in the regular training sessions
  • Albert Riera continued with his personal program of integration back into the squad.
Our final training session of the week will be held tomorrow at 19:00 and after this, the squad for Sunday will be announced.
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Παρασκευή, 10 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 00:53

Unicaja Malaga 76-74 Olympiakos

Despite returning back from a terrible defecit of 17 points to even lead the game close to the end, we ended up losing the match by the closest of scores. Our 'Erythroleukoi' with Bourousis, Keselj, Panaikolaou and Glyniadakis did not start the game well as although they play well with passion, we made too many errors. Malaga were not slow to pick up on our mistakes and opened up a 11-4 lead whilst our own players did not seem to react fast enough. The entrance of Papaloukas and Erceg helped the teams play though and we soon decreased the lead to 14-10 before finally tying the first quarter 17-17.

After the first quarter, we did seem to learn from our mistakes and allowed Malaga to run a lot of plays past us. The result of this was that Malaga soon opened up a 28-22 lead and although Teodosic and Erceg both played reasonably well in this quarter, we could only help at closing the score somewhat (31-28 in the 16th minute).
Unfortunately we were poor defensively and only slightly better in the attack. Teodosic and Erceg again helped decrease the score but at the break we were 42-37 down.

The second half and the third quarter saw our continuity of play suffer even further as we simply could not get going at all. Malaga took advantage of our problems to build an 11 point lead (52-41) and even increased this to 14 points before we managed to finally return to a -12 point difference as the third quarter ended 62-50. Nesterovic and Gordon were the players most at fault for the third quarter but the simple problem was none of our players particularly played well during this quarter and worse was still to come.

The last quarter started off badly for us with our points differential getting even worse to -17 points (67-50) however the introduction of Spanoulis, Nesterovic and Erceg allowed us to return into the game and in the next few minutes we scored 15 points to Unicaja's 2, with only three and a half minutes remaining we had managed to get back into the game with a 69-65 scoreline. Keselj and Erceg then helped propel us into the lead for the first time in the match with a 69-71 scoreline.
However, Malaga managed to once again get in front of the match with a 75-71 score as we entered the last minute of the match. We grabbed a further three points from a play but then missed the last ball of the match (taken from 9m out) to lose the game 76-74.

Unicaja Malaga 76-74 Olympiakos
1st Quarter : Malaga 17-17 Olympiakos
2nd Quarter : Malaga 42-37 Olympiakos
3rd Quarter : Malaga 62-50 Olympiakos
4th Quarter : Malaga 76-74 Olympiakos

Olympiakos : Papaloukas 1, Nesterovic 6, Spanoulis 19, Bourousis 6, Keselj 5, Mavrokefalidis 1, Papanikolaou, Erceg 15, Teodosic 20, Halperin, Loukas 1.
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Πέμπτη, 09 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 14:42

Training - Thursday 9th December

Training continued today for our Football team as they prepare for this sundays game against Atromitos. Regarding the players, this is the news as released :-
  • Giorgos Galitsios followed an intesive individual program today, hopefully for the last time. Tomorrow he is due to take part in the regular training and although he won't be picked for this weekend, we hope that he will not longer carry any injuries.
  • Albert Riera underwent personal training in the gym and the athletic grounds.
Tomorrow, regular training will commence at 10.30 whilst at 13.00 some of our former legends will have a training session in preperation of the charity game taking place on Tuesday 14th December.
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Τετάρτη, 08 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 21:48

Training - Wednesday 8th December

Our football team returned to training tonight after being granted the day off yesterday in preparation of this Sundays match against Atromitos (Sunday 12th - 17:15 - Karaiskaki Stadium). The news from the team is as follows :-
  • Giorgos Galitsios followed an individual program of gym work, running and exercise in the Rentis grounds.
  • Albert Riera similarly followed an individual program.
  • Vasilis Torosidis and Avraam Papadopoulos followed a specialist program just for today and fill be ready to rejoin the rest of the team tomorrow.
Olympiakos wll continue with the training tomorrow at 10.30
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Δευτέρα, 06 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 16:35

Training - Monday 6th December

The entire football team trained today under the supervision of Jon Aspiazu at 10.30 this morning. This is in preparation of the Sunday game against Atromitos (17.15 - Karaiskaki Stadium). Everyone who played in yesterdays game against Kavala followed a program of recovery rather than intensive training whilst we also have the following information :-
  • Raul Bravo followed an intensive program of individual training in the gym and the athletics grounds as he recovers from injury.
  • Giorgos Galitsios likewise followed a similar program.
  • Albert Riera undertook a treatment program including some light exercise in the pool.
Our players will not train tomorrow (they have the day off), instead they continue with their prep work on Wednesday at 7.00pm
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