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Κυριακή, 05 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 22:48

Kavala 0-1 Olympiakos

Todays game comes from the Eastern Macedonian port of Kavala and sees us pitted against a dangerous team who had given us problems in both of last seasons games. However despite an early loss of the ball, we were the first team to have an attempt on goal with a mow cross from the right from Rommedahl and we followed this up just moments later with a snapshot on goal from Mirallas. Kavala did have some early chances of their own, notably from a free kick on the area but there was no real threat from them. Their teqam was still getting forward but our defence was holding firm and they were not making many chances on our goal. For ourselves, we were called back during one attack for being offside whilst for the remainder of the time, we were simply probing forward with Mirallas and the three midfielders behind him.

After the opening fifteen minutes, the game had still not settled down and we were looking a little too rushed on the ball and certainly not playing as well as we could. Kavala for their part were making matters very difficult for us across the middle of the pitch and we were having trouble in controlling the game as yet. We did however still manage to make some good work down the wings and having our own (albeit weak) chances on goal but found that on occasion that we needed to time our attacks a little better to avoid being caught offside. On other occasions, we had managed to set up attacks perfectly then too much weight had been placed onto the ball coming from the midfield so that it was easily taken by the Kavala defence.

By the half hour mark, we had started to take control of the game whilst Kavala were playing more defensively. We were still having to clean up the odd attack from our opponents but we were most doing the attacking in the game ourselves. Kavala did have a couple of long range chances at Pardo on the 32' mark but there was nothing too serious and the shots went over the net. At the other end we won a corner only to lose the ball almost immediately and gift Kavala a counter attack and a chance on our goal which Pardo had difficulty in saving. A great chance on goal was created in the 40th minute when Fetfatzidis was plainly kicked in the leg and forced over in the box providing us with a penalty. Fuster converted the shot on goal and so we finally got the lead which we largely deserved.

The remaining four minutes or so saw Kavala come at us for a while longer until we took over in the field and had another few chances on the Kavala goal. The half finished after a single minute of addiotnal time and as we left the pitch we could be happy with the single goal advantage.

The second half initially saw more of the same for us. More attacks on the Kavala goalmouth and more chances beiong created for us, a good chance perhaps being Holebas breaking into the box from the left but finding his pass to the right being crowded out. We placed more pressure on the Kavala goalmouth as we got further and further into the half with us making attacks down both wings and Mirallas having a half chance on goal which he failed to take (unfortunately). We made our first substitution early on in the second half with Hurtado replacing Fetfatzidis and Fuster moving left into the left wing position. The change would initially appear to be defensive, replacing an attacking midfielder with a defensive one but there may be more into it than this.

With the player change, we started to fall back further down the field which unfortunately allowed Kavala to come forward a bit more. Kavala took advantage by having a couple of chances on our goal including a free kick which only just (thankfully) went over the net. A second substitution (Of Marko Pantelic for Dennis Rommedahl) was also made at the 69' mark as we sought to keep the running of the team fresh and free from problems. We wer still continuing to attack on occasion and we were still also capable of pushing the ball around midfield even though Kavala were starting to come forward at us more now.

Now as the game is in the final 15 minutes of its duration, we see ourselves push forward in search of a second goal finally. Pantelic had a good chance with the keeper beaten but had his shot on the open net bounce harmlessly off a defender allowing the goalkeeper to recover and get back into position. A further chance is knocked behind for a corner and yet another chance is simply blocked by the sheer mass of bodies protecting the Kavala box.
One of the better chances in the game comes from Kevin Mirallas who has a low shot taken on goal from the edge of the box but finds the keeper justabout able of reaching over with his outstretched fingers and pushing the ball clear. As it was though, we were unable to increase our lead and despite a late flourish from Kavala, we managed to keep the score intact and the game finished 0-1 after three minutes of extra time. ps. Third and final substitution made in the 93rd minute with Giannis Papadopoulos replacing Ariel Ibagaza (who has been quite frankly great in midfield today).
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Κυριακή, 05 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 22:40

Olympiakos 89-82 PAOK

Even though the match was far from easy, Olympiakos overcame PAOK to win the game in our SEF stadium by 89 points to 82. The outstanding players on our team being Bourousis (15 points), Spanoulis (13 points) and Teodosic (11 points) who all excelled despite the game being played behind closed doors due to our earlier punishment this season.

Olympiakos did not start the game very well, a fact that PAOK quickly exploited and before long had built up a 9-15 lead just four minutes before the end of the first quarter. Thrylos reacted, as well as we always do, through Teodosic and Mavrokefalidis and even more specifically through Teodosic's exceptional play we managed to return to the front just before the end of the quarter with a 25-24 score even though PAOK managed to finsih the period with a 25-26 scoreline.

During the second period PAOK continued with the same rhythm and initially they played well (30-29). However, we then started to take the game more seriously and stopped messing about, building up a 7 point advantage (42-35) three minutes before half time before finally finishing the half 15 points ahead (51-36).

In the second half of the game (third period) we seemed to relax somewhat dangerously and allowed PAOK to come back into the game eventually letting PAOK redress the points advantage to only 5 points by the end of the third quarter (69-64). The introduction of Andreas Glyniadakis in the fourth and final quarter tightened the defence once again and allowed us to finish the game with a 89-82 win.

Olympiakos 89-82 PAOK
1st Quarter : Olympiakos 25-26 PAOK
2nd Quarter : Olympiakos 51-36 PAOK
3rd Quarter : Olympiakos 69-64 PAOK
4th Quarter : Olympiakos 89-82 PAOK

Olympiakos : Papaloukas 10, Nesterovic 12, Gordon 4, Spanoulis 13, Bourousis 15, Keselj 3, Mavrokefalidis 9, Halperin 3, Glyniadakis 5, Papanikolaou 4, Teodosic 11, Katsivelis
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Κυριακή, 05 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 10:49

Expected lineup for Kavala

Gavros newspaper have printed the expected lineup for the Kavala match today :-

At the back, we have Urko Pardo in goals followed by a back four of (running right to left) Torosidis, A.Papadopoulos, Mellberg and Holebas. In the middle of the pitch we can expect to find Rommedahl and Fetfatzidis on the right and left wings respectively. The centre of midfield will be probably taken up by Ibagaza and Dudu.
Finally we have the usual duo in attack of Fuster as the centre forward and Mirallas as the lone striker.
Obviously we will await to see what actually transpires on the pitch but the above is not a bad lineup at all.
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Σάββατο, 04 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 22:37

Womens Volleyball : Olympiakos 3-1 Iraklis

Olympiakos beat Iraklis by 3 sets to 1 and if we ignore the second set, the team played very well in total. Our captain, Elena Koleva has been fighting a fever for most of the week but put together a superior performance scoring 21 points in total today. Apart from this we played well with the service (scoring 11 aces) but also put together a good defensive performance. The victory is not just important for the points but also as a last morale booster before Thursday's game against Galatasaray.

Olympiakos 3-1 Iraklis
1st Set : Olympiakos 25-14 Iraklis
2nd Set : Olympiakos 21-25 Iraklis
3rd Set : Olympiakos 25-9 Iraklis
4th Set : Olympiakos 25-14 Iraklis

Olympiakos : Kyriakidos 11, Kabatha 9, Tsecnevic 16, Ognienovic 7, Hadava 12, Koleva 21, Magginas 1
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Σάββατο, 04 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 22:37

Womens Polo : Olympiakos 11-6 Iraklis

Olympiakos' Womens Polo team acheived a third victory today by beating Iraklis quite confidently by an 11-6 scoreline. Tomorrow morning, we will play the delayed game against Rethymnon at 11.30am.

Olympiakos 11-6 Iraklis
1st Oktalepta : Olympiakos 2-0 Iraklis
2nd Oktalepta : Olympiakos 3-2 Iraklis
3rd Oktalepta : Olympiakos 5-1 Iraklis
4th Oktalepta : Olympiakos 1-3 Iraklis

Olympiakos : Belkoum 3, Balomenaki 3, Psouni 2, Manolioudakis 1, Avramidos 1, Antonakos 1
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Σάββατο, 04 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 22:37

Polo : PAOK 8-9 Olympiakos

Our team beat PAOK today by a 8-9 scoreline even though we had some difficulty in breaking down a determined PAOK side. The score at halftime was 4-4 but second half goals from Theodoropoulos, Blani, Foudoulis and Afroudakis allowed us to take a 6-8 advantage duriong the second half before we finally won the game. Olympiakos is now undefeated in the league and remains in first place with 12 points and having scored 52 goals so far.

PAOK 8-9 Olympiakos
1st Oktalepta : PAOK 2-2 Olympiakos
2nd Oktalepta : PAOK 2-2 Olympiakos
3rd Oktalepta : PAOK 2-4 Olympiakos
4th Oktalepta : PAOK 2-1 Olympiakos

Olympiakos : Afroudakis 3, Doskas 2, Delakas 1, Foudoulis 1, Blanis 1, Theodoropoulos 1.
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Σάββατο, 04 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 13:09

Team announced for Kavala

We completed our weeks training with a session held today at 10.30am. From this training we have the following :-
  • Raul Bravo continued with the personal training program and obviously didn't make the squad.
  • Giorgos Galitsios and Albert Riera followed their individual treatments and performed some exercises in the pool and the gym.
After the remainder of the team had finished with the training, Ernesto Valverde announced the squad of 18 players who will be making the trip to Macedonia. The players are :-

Goalkeepers (2) : Nikopolidis, Pardo
Defenders (5) : Torosidis, Mellberg, A.Papadopoulos, Modesto, Holebas
Midfielders (8) : G.Papadopoulos, Hurtado, Dudu, Rommedahl, Fetfatzidis, Zairi, Fuster, Ibagaza
Attackers (3) : Pantelic, Mirallas, Nemeth

The players who did not make the squad (Mitroglou, N.Papadopoulos, Potouridis, Galitsios, Riera and Bravo) will either train or continue their programmes of rehabilitation tomorrow at 10.30
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Παρασκευή, 03 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 16:11

Νίκη και μόνο νίκη στην Καβάλα...

Δυο ημέρες έχουν απομείνει και η Καβάλα κόκκινη θα γίνει μες στην Καβάλα θα χοροπηδάμε για την ομάδα που τόσο αγαπάμε… 
Τα πούλμαν γεμίζουν αδέλφια, το ίδιο και το αεροπλάνο και ο κόσμος μας ετοιμάζεται ώστε να είναι πιστός σε ακόμα ένα ραντεβού με την ερυθρόλευκη φανέλα. 
Οπαδοί και «φίλαθλοι » του ΟΛΥΜΠΙΑΚΟΥ είναι έτοιμοι να προσθέσουν άλλο ένα ταξίδι στο βιογραφικό τους και άλλο ένα έξοδο στον μηνιαίο προϋπολογισμό τους. Ούτε η πρώτη φορά είναι, αλλά ούτε και η τελευταία. Άλλωστε τα ιδανικά μας, η τρέλα μας και η αρρώστια μας για το ΘΡΥΛΟ δεν υπολογίζει ούτε χιλιόμετρα αλλά ούτε και έξοδα (σ.σ για να τα λέμε όλα εδώ δεν υπολογίζει άλλα και άλλα…)
Παρά την ήττα λοιπόν από την δικέφαλη μεταλλαγμένη ατάιστη κότα την προηγούμενη εβδομάδα στο Οακα, εμείς, στην Καβάλα θα πάμε. Και το μόνο που ζητάμε από τους καλοπληρωμένους ποδοσφαιριστές μας είναι να τα δώσουν όλα για την νίκη. Να ματώσουν για την Ερυθρόλευκη. Να παίξουν με πάθος, ψυχή, τσαμπουκά και δύναμη, να παίξουν δηλαδή με όλα τα βασικά στοιχεία του DNA μας. Με τα στοιχεία αυτά που έκαναν τον ΟΛΥΜΠΙΑΚΟ μας, ΘΡΥΛΟ.
Εάν κάνουν όλα τα παραπάνω θα είναι απίθανο να μην έρθει η νίκη σε αυτό το κρίσιμο εκτός έδρας ματς, απέναντι σε μια ομάδα ικανή για κάθε αποτέλεσμα φέτος.
Το παιχνίδι είναι πονηρό και οι καλοθελητές θα προσμένουν στραβοπάτημα μας. Για αυτό λοιπόν καλό θα είναι οι παίχτες μας να σεβαστούν την φανέλα για την όποια αγωνίζονται και δοξάζονται, να εκπληρώσουν την επιθυμία της διοίκησης για νίκη και να παλέψουν μέχρι τέλους για να ικανοποιήσουν τον δωδέκατο αλλά παντοτινό παίχτη, το κόσμο μας, την ΘΥΡΑ 7, εμάς…

Y.γ 2 Νίκη και μόνο νίκη στην Καβάλα..
Παρασκευή, 03 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 15:06

Training - Friday 3rd December

Quite a small note about our training today. The session started at 10.30 and the information as announced is.... :- 
  • Raul Bravo continued with the intensive personal training program which he has been following all week. This includes a mixture of some gym work and athletic work.
  • Giorgos Galitsios followed a similar programme but not as intense due to his injury being further away from healing at the minute.
  • Albert Riera followed a training program which included treatment for his injury and some exercise in the swimming pool.
We will complete our training tomorrow with a session starting at 10am, after which the team for Sunday will be announced.
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Παρασκευή, 03 Δεκεμβρίου 2010 01:02

Olympiakos 86-69 Brose Baskets

Olympiakos did not meet many problems in overcoming Bamberg in a fine 86-69 victory which along with a defeat for Real Madrid placed us in first place in the Euroleague group.

With the support of over 1500 schoolchildren from Rentis, Glyfada, Piraeus, Faliro, Keratsini and elsewhere also present alongside the usual impressive supporters, we made an uninspiring start to the game itself. Bamberg, as expected, entered the arena quite hard and moving the ball around quite well, imposed their own play onto us. The German team opened the scoring and soon mounted up a 7-12 advantage although we tightened our defence and with Nesterovic scoring five points by himself managed to bring the score down to 14-16 before finally finishing the first quarter with a 18-18 score.

When the second quarter started, we saw Mavrokefalidis and Papaloukas take some initiative in the game and put our team in front of the Germans with some impressive scoring. Bourousis also entered the game at this point and helped in the construction of some vital plays and helping moving the game quickly. Before long, we had moved in front score-wise and had reached a 7 point advantage (26-19).
Papaloukas and Mavrokefalidis also then combined together to really put the pressure on Bamberg increasing the score to 11 points (39-28) and finally 14 points at the halftime break (48-34).

During the second half of the game, Olympiakos did not lower its speed or its attack with Mavrokefalidis continuing his good work in front of the opponents area. Bamberg did have a temporary fightback to decrease the scoreline to 58-47 (+11) but the difference in quality was restored by Bourousis and the scoreline increased once again to 66-51 at the end of the period.

The fourth quarter saw us basically finish off the game although we fell back in performance in the final two or three minutes of the game. Again, Bourousis performed very well (along with Papanikolaou during this last quarter) and we finially finished the game with a 86-69 scoreline.

Olympiakos 86-69 Brose Baskets
1st Quarter : Olympiakos 18-18 Brose Baskets
2nd Quarter : Olympiakos 48-34 Brose Baskets
3rd Quarter : Olympiakos 66-51 Brose Baskets
4th Quarter : Olympiakos 86-69 Brose Baskets

Olympiakos : Papaloukas 10, Nesterovic 4, Spanoulis 16, Bourousis 12, Keselj 5, Mavrokefalidis 16, Nielsen 6, Papanikolaou 12, Teodosic 3, Loukas 2
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