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Παρασκευή, 22 Ιουνίου 2012 14:29

Andreas Gianniotas Joins Olympiakos

Olympiakos have formally announced the signing of goalkeeper Andreas Gianniotas from Ethnikos Gazoros on a four year deal. Gianniotas is our fourth incoming player of the summer although Iosef Daskalakis is expected to be going in the other direction to compensate.

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Παρασκευή, 15 Ιουνίου 2012 14:54

Dimitris Siovas Joins Olympiakos

The club has announced the signing of Dimitris Siovas from Panionios on a four year deal. He has played 33 times in the last season scoring 2 goals (he plays as a central defender). The announcement from the club simply stated :-

"Olympiakos FC announces the purchase of Dimitris Siovas for the next four years"

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Πέμπτη, 07 Ιουνίου 2012 21:26

Leonardo Jardim Appointed As Manager

We have a manager! Leonardo Jardim was confirmed by the club earlier this afternoon as our manager for the next two years. Jardim's previous managerial experience where he performed well at FC Braga with a minimal budget and set up an attacking playing style with the club.

The message from the club simply stated, 'Olympiakos FC announced the partnership with coach Leonardo Jardim for the next two years'.

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Παρασκευή, 01 Ιουνίου 2012 12:30

Claude Dielna joins Olympiakos

We have a new transfer in the shape of Claude Dielna. Dielna has joined from French Ligue 2 club FC Istres on a Bosman move. He signed a contract for the next three years with the club and gave a statement afterwards...

"I came to Olympiakos to help the team. ... Olympiakos is the best team in Greece and I did not hesitate once I had become aware of the interest..."

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Τετάρτη, 30 Μαΐου 2012 10:42

Vicente Monje joins Urdospor

Vicente Monje has been announced as joining Urdospor on a two year contract. He leaves us after 9 months with the club and probably as many appearances.

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Τετάρτη, 23 Μαΐου 2012 22:37

Vlachodimos joins Olympiakos

Olympiakos has announced the acquisition of Panagiotis Vlachodimos from Xanthi on a five year deal. The player stated that he was happy to join the biggest team in Greece and it was a huge honour to him. He also stated that he hoped to pay back the club with some good performances.

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Κυριακή, 01 Απριλίου 2012 21:39

Panaitolikos 0-1 Olympiakos

Tonights game against Panaitolikos would see us formally win the championship if we could get a positive result (This would be our 39th championship of the league). This then is the report of the match. We had turned out a very strong squad in front of the game despite having to visit OFI on Wednesday in the cup.

First Half
It took us several minutes to make any headway in the game and win our first corner and make our first shots on goal of the game. This was due to the 'defend in numbers' strategy of the Agrinio players and having to fight for the ball across the middle of the pitch. Slowly but surely though we started to make some headway and take the ball forward, making (and missing) several chances in front of the net. The game slowly swung in our favour and we were pushing Panaitolikos hard up the pitch as we went on the offensive in search of the opening goal. We did manage to put the ball in the net in the 23rd minute (header from corner) only to have our effort ruled as offside.

Panaitolikos did give us a scare at times and even managed to get a free header on goal following a rare corner for them. Inexplicably we let them back into the match at times and seemed to stand off from them too often but then seemed to go on the offensive once again. It seemed a very hit and miss half for me and puzzling after we worked so hard to make headway in the match. Again we had a goal ruled out (correctly) in the half after Mirallas was caught offside so it was definitely a case of being able to perform better.

Second Half
Initially we didn't get much joy in the second half either and were also having to contend with a more attacking orientated Panaitolikos side. However we persisted with pressurising their defence and eventually got the goal which we had been threatening to score. This was due to Mirallas managing to squeeze a shot past the keeper from the front of the box. This was followed by Makoun coming close on goal twice in the minutes afterwards. The goal seemed to affect Panaitolikos for a good ten minutes in which we held control and kept the pressure up, but couldn't manage to score.

Eventually though the Agrinio side got back into the match and made an effort to equalise the game through pressuring and possession of the ball. Panaitolikos were getting the ball into dangerous positions and rather concerningly, into the box on occasions. However we stood firm defensively and broke up their attacks with some nicely timed counters of our own. In this way we wound down the game for the final ten minutes of the match and allowed the tie to finish after 3 minutes of extra time.

We didn't make a great display today but we did perform well enough to grab a win. Some of the play was scrappy on occasion but we deserved the win after a decent display from a couple of players. The win sees us retain the championship for another season and now the celebrations can begin.

Panaitolikos 0-1 Olympiakos
54' Mirallas

Olympiakos : Megyeri, Torosidis (46' Modesto), Avraam, Mellberg, Holebas, Maniatis, Orbaiz, Kazim-Richards, Makoun (78' Fuster), Abdoun (82' Djebbour), Mirallas

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Κυριακή, 25 Μαρτίου 2012 21:26

Olympiakos 7-2 Asteras Tripolis

Our game earlier today saw us face Asteras Tripolis in our penultimate match in Karaiskaki. The Superleague championship was already virtually won and if we could get a win today, we would only need a draw away to secure our 39th title. We had turned out a strong side for todays game and so we should have been able to get a positive result.

First Half 
It was just bad in that we started with an aggressive display (taking shots and winning corners) but were then caught out twice in three minutes to go beind. Tripolis managed to perform the same trick twice and counter-attacked when virtually all our team was at the wrong end of the pitch. Our defence was stretched wide and the result was going 2-0 down at home within the first 16 minutes of the match. We pulled one back in the twentieth minute from the spot after Makoun was fouled in the area but our opening performance left much to be desired.

After our initial aggression in the match, we then started to look a little shakier even after pulling one back. We weren't controlling the midfield enough and some of our attacks were being rushed with the ball being subsequently lost. Rather worringly Tripolis were still counter-attacking on occasion and getting the ball into our box before we cleared it away. After the penalty we didn't really manage to trouble the Tripolis defence in the first half and we looked very shaken as a team. This is probably best shown when Marcano almost managed to roll the ball into his own net and then make a two footed lunge in a tackle afterwards (he was very lucky not to receive a straight red). A very poor first half...

Second Half
With the changes made at halftime (Modesto off for Maniatis and what must have been one hell of a talk by Valverde), we improved by an infinite amount and just ran riot in the opening stages of the second half. Three goals in under five minutes changed the game around for us and almost ensured the victory after such a dismal first half. The onslaught continued with us narrowly missing two more chances before Tripolis finally got over the shock and started to take part in the game once again.

Kevin Mirallas completed his hat-trick in the 70th minute to increase the daylight between the two teams even further and Tripolis just seemed to give up at this point allowing us even more control of the ball and more attacks in the half. The upshot of this was another goal in the 82nd minute with Fuster being allowed a simple tap-in after Mirallas had broken through the defence on his own. Mirallas finished the match off with a final goal (his fourth of the night) in the last minute of normal time.

What to say... We scored 6 goals in one half of football to totally destroy a team which was near to the top of the table. It was one of the best halves of football I've ever seen and to make it even more bizarre, it followed such a turgid first half.

Olympiakos 7-2 Asteras Tripolis
13' Navarro
16' Martins
20' Mirallas (p)
49' Djebbour
51' Mirallas
53' Orbaiz
70' Mirallas
82' Fuster
89' Mirallas

Olympiakos : Megyeri, Torosidis (79' Fuster), Mellberg, Avraam, Marcano, Orbaiz, Modesto (46' Maniatis), Makoun, Mirallas, Abdoun, Djebbour (71' Kazim-Richards)
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Κυριακή, 18 Μαρτίου 2012 22:25

Poutanas Gios 0-1 Olympiakos

Today I'm trying a different style of report, not as much writing and just sticking to a general overview. This then is the report of our visit to the OAKA bourdello to play Poutanas Gios and hopefully win the league. A win here would put us 7 points clear with only 5 games to go (virtually ensuring we win the league). Ps : please comment on the style if you like it or not.

First Half
Despite a first minute header, it took us a good fifteen minutes to really get going in this match. Our wingers in particular took some time to bed into the game properly and we just weren't getting the centre of the pitch co-ordinated. The Vazeloi were having the better of possession in the game and this was disconcerting to say the least. We did however manage to break and win two corners in the 19th minute and then get some passes together afterwards.

After we had got ourselves co-ordinated, we took over possession of the ball and started to make some attacking moves on the Vazelo goal. We still had to perform some defensive duties on occasion but the game was changing and turning in our favour with Abdoun being more involved as the match progressed. We couldn't managed to grab the opening goal in the first half though and this was partly the fault of our wingers who although running in the game, were not creating the chances with enough accuracy. Kazim-Richards in particular was not playing well enough to help the team. The entire team needed to perform harder if we were going to win today.

We then waited an hour for the rioting Vazeloi fans to fight the cops before the second half began.

Second half
After the second half began we spent a few minutes getting ourselves back into the game and used to gameplay before we then scored a goal. The goal came from Abdoun who scored a lovely solo effort from the side of the box - a lovely curving shot which eluded the keeper. Quasimodo (apparently playing for the Vazelos) then started performing his trademark dives and fouls to try and get the equaliser. We then changed to a counter attacking play and surrendered possession of the ball in the middle of the pitch.

The Vazeloi kept up the pressure on our goal but couldn't beat our defence. They did have far more possession of the ball in the late stages of the match but the game was halted again in the 81st minute after part of the stadium was set on fire, molotov cocktails were thrown at the police and flares, coins, seats and other shit was thrown onto the pitch.
The game seemed to be abandoned at this stage and I'd given up watching. Just award us the three points, ban their fans and be done with it.

Poutanas Gios 0-1 Olympiakos
51' Abdoun

Olympiakos : Megyeri, Modesto (76' Marcano), Mellberg, Avraam (capt), Holebas, Orbaiz, Maniatis, Makoun, Abdoun, Kazim-Richards (62' Djebbour), Mirallas (82' Fuster)
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Σάββατο, 17 Μαρτίου 2012 21:04

Team Announced For Poutanas Gios

Ernesto Valverde has announced the 19 players who will make the journey to the Vazelo bourdello tomorrow :-

Goalkeepers (2)
Megyeri, Carroll

Defenders (8)
Modesto, Mellberg, Papazoglou, Marcano, Papadopoulos, Holebas, Potouridis, Maniatis

Midfielders  (7)
Fejsa, Orbaiz, Makoun, Kazim-Richards, Abdoun, Ibagasa, Fuster

Attackers (2)
Mirallas, Djebbour.

We obviously have to lose one of these players before the game and a good guess would be Potouridis who wouldn't make the final cut. My only problem with the team announced is that it is light on firepower. Still, we should be able to control the midfield and at least get something happening up front.
We must thrash Poutanas Gios tomorrow so we can win the title early and then concentrate on the cup. This is the last derby of the season so this match will be everything for us.
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