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Unicaja Malaga 76-74 Olympiakos

Despite returning back from a terrible defecit of 17 points to even lead the game close to the end, we ended up losing the match by the closest of scores. Our 'Erythroleukoi' with Bourousis, Keselj, Panaikolaou and Glyniadakis did not start the game well as although they play well with passion, we made too many errors. Malaga were not slow to pick up on our mistakes and opened up a 11-4 lead whilst our own players did not seem to react fast enough. The entrance of Papaloukas and Erceg helped the teams play though and we soon decreased the lead to 14-10 before finally tying the first quarter 17-17.

After the first quarter, we did seem to learn from our mistakes and allowed Malaga to run a lot of plays past us. The result of this was that Malaga soon opened up a 28-22 lead and although Teodosic and Erceg both played reasonably well in this quarter, we could only help at closing the score somewhat (31-28 in the 16th minute).
Unfortunately we were poor defensively and only slightly better in the attack. Teodosic and Erceg again helped decrease the score but at the break we were 42-37 down.

The second half and the third quarter saw our continuity of play suffer even further as we simply could not get going at all. Malaga took advantage of our problems to build an 11 point lead (52-41) and even increased this to 14 points before we managed to finally return to a -12 point difference as the third quarter ended 62-50. Nesterovic and Gordon were the players most at fault for the third quarter but the simple problem was none of our players particularly played well during this quarter and worse was still to come.

The last quarter started off badly for us with our points differential getting even worse to -17 points (67-50) however the introduction of Spanoulis, Nesterovic and Erceg allowed us to return into the game and in the next few minutes we scored 15 points to Unicaja's 2, with only three and a half minutes remaining we had managed to get back into the game with a 69-65 scoreline. Keselj and Erceg then helped propel us into the lead for the first time in the match with a 69-71 scoreline.
However, Malaga managed to once again get in front of the match with a 75-71 score as we entered the last minute of the match. We grabbed a further three points from a play but then missed the last ball of the match (taken from 9m out) to lose the game 76-74.

Unicaja Malaga 76-74 Olympiakos
1st Quarter : Malaga 17-17 Olympiakos
2nd Quarter : Malaga 42-37 Olympiakos
3rd Quarter : Malaga 62-50 Olympiakos
4th Quarter : Malaga 76-74 Olympiakos

Olympiakos : Papaloukas 1, Nesterovic 6, Spanoulis 19, Bourousis 6, Keselj 5, Mavrokefalidis 1, Papanikolaou, Erceg 15, Teodosic 20, Halperin, Loukas 1.
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Τετάρτη, 03 Νοεμβρίου 2010 21:39

Olympiakos 93-66 Unicaja Malaga

Olympiakos managed to win the third Euroleague match of the group, against Unicaja Malaga, relatively easily with a final score of 93-66.
We started the game brightly easily obtaining a score of 12-2 (with Papaloukas on form) and later with 27-11 with Loukas Mavrokefalidis monopolising the attack of our team.
With further good work from Bourousis, Papanikolaou and Spanoulis exploiting the defence of the Spanish team we worked ourselves into a 40-17 lead within 16 minutes and finished for halftime with a 47-25 scoreline.

After halftime, we started off poorly and allowed Malaga to get back into the game somewhat with the scoreline being reduced at one stage to just a 9 point advantage (52-43) and it took a couple of inspired performances from Duda and Spanoulis to regain our advantage with a 12 point set of plays to increase the score to 64-43.
With our advantage restored, we did not reduce our speed or start to relax but instead placed more pressure on the Spanish team gaining a 78-49 scoreline by the 35th minute and finally finishing the game 93-66.
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