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Marko Scepovic scored the only goal in our second leg of the greek cup. The win makes it 5-0 on aggregate and see us advance to the next stage. The game itself was a bit crappy and very low key from us.
I guess we'd already won the tie and barring some sort of catastrophic breakdown we were always going to get through. Megyeri played well out of the team but there is precious little else to say.
Still we won and I guess thats all that needs saying. Theres a few pictures underneath this text from the match.

Asteras Tripolis 0-1 Olympiacos
79' Scepovic

Olympiacos : Megyeri, Salino, Papadopoulos, Papazoglou, Bong, N'Dinga, Pele, Machado (65' Weiss), Fuster, Dominguez (57' Ibagaza), Mitroglou (76 'Scepovic).


In the last day or so, the Turks kicked out Rafik Djebbour and so he has returned to the club. Djebbour is probably oblivious to what he has done when he says that he wouldn't mind playing for us again. Oh, thats very fucking nice of you Rafik!. Tell you what, how about NO - FUCK OFF YOU MERCENARY BASTARD!!

Djebbour did his damndest to leave the club in the summer, publically courted Poutanas tis Vorra and then claimed he was out of contract and could move anywhere he liked. Now his season is down the shitter and he couldn't score three goals in the Turkish league he wants to come back. No thanks, send the prick off to Ukbekistan or somewhere. See how he likes it then - the ungrateful opportunistic little shite.

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Abdisalam Ibrahim signs for Olympiacos

Late last night we confirmed the signing of Abdisalam Ibrahim from Manchester City.

Ibrahim is a young Norwegian (born Somalia) midfielder who has signed a contract for the next three and a half years.

He has been on loan at various clubs (most recently at Stromsgodset in Norway) and will now go on loan to Ergotelis until the end of the season.

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Olympiacos 2-0 Levadiakos

As the cliche goes, the game today really was a game of two halves. The first half was pretty poor by any standards for us. Despite opening up with a full strength team, we really struggled to control possession and got very chances on the Levadiakos goalmouth. It was Levadiakos who were pressuring during the half and the half really couldn't be over soon enough for me.

The second half was much better, Olaitan scored the opening goal after putting the final touch on a ball pinging around the Levadia 6 yard box. The goal seemed to change the game around and from this point onwards we were pushing the ball well into their area. The second goal came from a tight shot to the left of goal courtesy of Jose Holebas and it sealed the win for us.

Not the worst game in the world but due to the first half, it was hardly the best either. Overall we were far from convincing and it looked like Mitroglou wasn't match ready.

Olympiacos 2-0 Levadiakos
54' Olaitan
82' Holebas

Olympiacos : Roberto, Papazoglou, Papadopoulos, Manolas, Holebas, Maniatis, Samaris, Campbell, Saviola (73' Dominguez), Weiss (46' Fuster), Mitroglou (46' Olaitan)

I haven't been able to write any updates or articles in the last ten days for various reasons (mainly hospital reasons) so I thought I'd best do a summary. During this time, we've played two matches - 1 cup and 1 league, winning the first and drawing the second. The cup game was played at home in Karaiskaki roughly seven days ago and saw us thrash Asteras Tripolis by a 4-1 scoreline. We now hold a three goal advantage ahead of the return leg and will almost certainly be anough to see us advance.
At the weekend, we drew against Atromitos 0-0 away in Peristeri. It was a slightly disappointing result for us but we're still clear at the top of the league by a vast amount so it's hardly a result which will cause us any serious problems. The most important thing from the match was the return of Kostas Mitroglou after a lengthy injury period.

More serious however is the case with Dimitris Siovas. He had been injured recently and had to undergo surgery in the last week. This means that he will be out of action for at least two months and reduces us to only two centrebacks on the team - Avraam (also seemingly not fit) and Manolas. At the weekend we had to use Bong as an emergency centreback because of the lack of cover. The rumours have it that we are desperately hunting for cover and probably will be signing someone this month. I'm not sure who this will be but I hope that we don't get ripped off by other clubs now that they know about our problems. So it would seem that the move to offload Carl Medjani was a little premature but on the other hand he was slow and had the same turning circle as the Titanic.

So this minor problem aside, it hasn't been the worst ten daysever. This weekend we play Levadiakos in Karaiskaki, lets see how we do then.

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Olympiacos 4-0 AEL Kallonis

Four goals (Saviola, Dominguez, Manolas and Machado) won us the match today at Karaiskaki. We had possession of the ball throughout the match and had a number of shots on goal finally managing to confirm the game as won in the 54th minute. We made a lot of attacking runs and controlled possession (sometimes as high as 70% ) but seemed to be guilty of wanting to walk the ball into the net.
After the send goal though, we continued to pressure and the reward was a third goal in the 65th minuteKallonis sat deep even after falling behind quite early on and very rarely threatened during the first half. They started to come forwards after the halftime break but without any real success, if anything it allowed us to exploit their formation even further.
Machado put the seal on the win and it was all over after that

Olympiacos 4-0 AEL Kallonis
13' Saviola, 54' Dominguez, 65' Manolas, 75' Machado

Olympiacos : Roberto, Salino, Papadopoulos, Manolas, Bong, Maniatis (72' Machado), Samaris (66' N'Dinga), Campbell, Dominguez, Fuster (55' Weiss), Saviola.

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Poutanas Gios 5-11 Olympiacos

We fucked our rivals like the whores they are in yet another sport today. This time, water polo!!
We didn't lose a single set to the green rabbits and won each of the 8 minute sets.
Here's the scores :-

1st Set : Poutanas Gios 1-3 Olympiacos
2nd Set : Poutanas Gios 2-3 Olympiacos
3rd Set : Poutanas Gios 2-3 Olympiacos
4th Set : Poutanas Gios 0-2 Olympiacos

Olympiacos: Fouνdoulis 2, Maliarak 3, Delakas 2, Vlachopoulos 2, Doskas 1, Mourikis 1

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Olympiacos 95-82 Fenerbahce Ulker

We beat Fenerbahce last night with a good display and performance. The kings of Europe played terrific basketball and both Spanoulis and Perperoglou made sensational appearances.
We led from the outset of the game and put a strangehold on the score almost straightaway, leading 8 points at the end of the first quarter, 7 at halftime and 6 at the end of the third quarter. We went onto a 13 point lead at the end of the final quarter and as mentioned before, it was a superb performance from our team which won us the match.

1st Quarter : Olympiacos 27-19 Fenerbahce
2nd Quarter : Olympiacos 47-40 Fenerbahce
3rd Quarter : Olympiacos 62-56 Fenerbahce
4th Quarter : Olympiacos 95-82 Fenerbahce

Olympiacos (Bartzokas): Dunston 4, Spanoulis 28, Perperoglou 21, Sloukas 2 Simmons 5, Begic, Printezis 12, Agravanis, Mantzaris 9, Lojeski 14.


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