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Κυριακή, 28 Ιουλίου 2013 17:05

Hoffenheim 4-1 Olympiakos

We played Hoffenheim in a friendly today but unfortunately lost 4-1 by the end of the game. After watching the game, it was obvious that we just weren't match ready. Offensively we made some good movement but defensively we were just poor. We failed to effectively close down the German forwards and were punished when our mistakes were picked up on.
Still we move on and onto our next match, Offenbach on Tuesday evening.

Olympiakos :- Megyeri (46' Gianniotis), Salinas (46' Papazoglou), Siovas (46' Manolas), Holebas (62' Lykogiannis), Maniatis (46' Dominguez), Samaris (62' Di Vicenti), Machado (62' Fejsa), Fetfatzidis (46' Fuster), Campbell (46' Olaitan), Mitroglou (62' Diamantakos)

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After six months absence, I should make a start on the site again and my articles. I'll get this into order over the next few weeks.
I've been busy with lots of personal stuff but now that I am getting a bit more time, I can make a start again.

Κυριακή, 27 Ιανουαρίου 2013 19:17

Panthrakikos 0-1 Olympiakos

Our game in Komotini, Thrace was postponed by a day to allow the snow to be cleared. As for the match itself, it was surprisingly open. There was plenty of tempo during the first half but very few chances on goal - perhaps one real chance on goal for both sides. The amount of water held within the pitch wasn't helping us and the ball itself was moving very sluggishly. The half ended 0-0 and it was apparent that a quick rethink of tactics would be needed at halftime.
After about 15 minutes of the second half, it was apparent that a tactical change was needed and so we brought on Mitroglou as a second striker and sacrificed Greco to the bench.
The change didn't make any change to the scoreline in the short term and we still struggled getting any proper chances away against the packed Thracian defence. Eventually we got the goal with a 86th minute header from Contreras which gave us the victory today.
Not the best game but we had enough control of the match to give us the victory.

Panthrakikos 0-1 Olympiakos
86' Contreras

Olympiakos : Megyeri, Diakite, Manolas, Contreras, Holebas, Modesto (75' Fejsa), Maniatis, Greco (57' Greco), Machado, Abdoun, Djebbour

Τετάρτη, 23 Ιανουαρίου 2013 11:40

Torosidis moves to Roma

Vasillis Torosidis has left Olympiakos and joined Roma in a deal worth only half a million euros to our club. Torosidis had decided to leave the club recently and try his luck abroad after refusing to sign a new contract with the club.
The small amount for our captain is all we could manage after facing the possibility of the player leaving on a Bosman move in the summer.

Δευτέρα, 21 Ιανουαρίου 2013 22:07

A last word on Jardim

There's been a lot written in blogs and in the news about Jardims removal as coach of Olympiakos. This is my take on this situation and I hope you don't mind another article.
Some of the moans I've read are that Jardims removal was unfair and that the club showed its unprofessionalism by getting rid of a manager who was unbeaten in Greece and had qualified for the last 16 in the champions league.
To counter that I would say that being unbeaten in Greece isn't a big deal. The superleague has declined so badly that our rivals for this year are Atromitos, Tripolis and the fucking Voulgaroi - teams we've traditionally thrashed.
Even then, our play in the league has been terrible. We've been outplayed in both of the two historic derbies and looked bad in most of the games.
Jardim had the uncanny ability to play central midfielders on the wings, have a lack of player rotation and left players annoyed (such as Ibagaza refusing to come to training on one occasion).
More than anything though it was the horrific style of play that Jardim employed. As a more learned man than myself has said, "when you play against Levadiakos as if they're Arsenal then you know you're in trouble". The midfield was totally detached in play and never managed to get forward effectively, our attacks too often devolved into long balls hit into the area and hoping for a players head.
Our results in the Champions league flattered to deceive. For our three wins, one was against Arsenal kids and in another we were totally outplayed and only managed to win in the last fifteen minutes with two individual displays.
Jardims removal came at the end of bad displays against Levadiakos, Veroia, Panachaiki, Kavala and the Lagoi. This site itself published an article at the end of December complaining about the terrible form and style so it shouldn't come as any great surprises to hear of his removal.
Jardims removal is not an unprofessional act, it is a very understandable move by a club concerned with the low quality offerings provided.
Olympiakos is not a normal European club. We are a club for champions and as such we need to be happy with our results and performances.  We will always act to preserve our quality and keep our domination within Greece.
Κυριακή, 20 Ιανουαρίου 2013 22:14

Vasilis Torosidis to leave Olympiakos

A final announcement from the weekend. Olympiakos FC have announced that our Captain, Vasilis Torosidis, will not be renewing his contract with the club. After six years with the club, he has decided to move abroad to continue his career overseas.

Κυριακή, 20 Ιανουαρίου 2013 19:40

Olympiakos 2-0 PAS Giannena

First impressions of Nikopolidis' debut were encouraging with our team pressing, attacking with flair and generally playing more aggressively than had been seen previously this season. We took control of the game and played fast aggressive football from the first whistle. PAS' chances were limited but they did also fight for the ball whenever they got the chance.
Despite our improved style it took right to the death of the first half to open the scoring. Here it was a free kick taken in stoppage time, fumbled by the keeper and knocked into the net by Djebbour.

Our second half continued in the same way that the first half had finished, a strong aggressive and fast display which led to good possession in the PAS half. To be fair, we were pretty rusty at this style of play but with time we would sharpen our play and get ourselves more used to the tactics used today.
Abdoun doubled the score in the 68th minute after a good 1-2 play with Ibagaza in the box. Our aggressive tactics didn't stop after doubling our lead and although we didn't score any more goals we ended the match positively.

Olympiakos 2-0 PAS Giannena
45+2' Djebbour
68' Abdoun

Olympiakos : Megyeri, Diakite, Manolas, Contreras, Holebas, Maniatis, Greco (64' Ibagaza), Machado, Abdoun (77' Fetfatzidis), Pino (72' Mitroglou), Djebbour

Pictures follow :-


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